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Updated on August 13, 2010
K.G. asks from Fort Wayne, IN
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Hey all you wonderful mamas out there have any of you used the Dave Ramsey method for your debt? We need some structure and have been told to look into his dvd's or classes. If you could give me some details on how it worked for you, how long it took for your finances to get into order a general idea of what your debt was. We have less than 10g's of cc debt a car pmt and rent. any info would be helpful. thanks

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answers from Dallas on

I LOVE Dave! You can listen to him on 570am from 1-4pm.

I would definitely recommend his DVDs and work the plan, it works!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Not an huge amount of debt compared to most. I had over 16k just in cc debt plus a car payment in my early 20's...I followed a lot of Suze Orman's advice. Pay off any small debts that you can quickly, then the most to higher interest rate cards while paying the minimum on others. You can also call your cards and ask your rates to be lowered. YOU can do anything credit debt relieving companies can do so dont be lured by their offers. If you have money in a saving account, use that to pay off debt. Its really not a savings until you are debt free. Remember you are paying interest on all the loaned money. Email me if you need further advise. I payed everything off but my cars and saved 80k for a house all in a matter of 5 years!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I am with everyone else...Dave is wonderful! Sometimes he can be a little over the top but his advice has changed our lives and will eventually change our kids lives when they graduate from college debt free and don't make the mistakes that we have made....and boy would the economy be somewhere different if more people followed his method! We did ours through a church and it only cost $40, but we didn't know that ahead of time and would have paid the typical $100+. I recommend him to everyone!!!!!



answers from Toledo on

Yes! I have a ton to say about Dave Ramsey! His program is amazing! My husband and I did his 13 week program at our church and paid off $23,000 in debt IN 13 WEEKS!! Now, granted, my husband and I make very good money- plus I own my own business - however, up until his program, we were literally living paycheck to paycheck. Now we live debt free except for our home and we "live like no one else". I love nothing more than to be in a store and have the clerk ask me if I want to sign up for a credit card....I proudly say, "no thank you....I only use cash"....you should see the looks of disbelief I get!!!
His program is really easy - there are 10 'baby' steps, starting saving an emergency fund of $1000.
Dave Ramsey is definitely a God send! Getting out of debt 2 years before this recession started was the best thing we ever could of done. I personally have told so many people about his program...and then as you see them go through it and have their life change - it is amazing!
My advice - do it now!!!



answers from Cleveland on

Hi K.,

We borrowed his book from the library and also use the resources available on his website. We are on baby step 2. We are living on one income right now so that I could be home with my son, but we are still managing to pay down our debt a little at a time. For me, the best part is that even though it is going to take us some time to pay off our debt with our smaller income right now, I feel like we are now in control. We're not adding anymore debt, we're budgeting for things we need, and it's really helped us reevaluate what's important. We actually get excited talking about what else we can do without so we can be closer to our goal.



answers from Dayton on

I know it sounds cliche or that I work for the man, but Dave Ramsey is life changing! We have completely re-done the way we did our finances, and before we started we were living completely normally and no one looking at our debt would have thought it was outrageous. If you want a glimpse into if you are going to like the program, get The Total Money Makeover from your library. Also, I believe that the Financial Peace University may have the first class free to see if you like it (that may have been a short term promo, but worth looking into). We paid off about 8K in a car payment, 500 in a small credit card, and about 7K in a HELOC - it took us about 1 1/2 yrs but we've also saved some, stopped working a part time job, and added 2 kids.

We live using cash only, and it is wonderful to not ever cringe when we get a bill in the mail. We are about to have our 4th baby and live on a firefighter's salary - it doesn't just work for people who are making lots of money. Also, we didn't do the whole intense program - we cut ourselves some slack here and there so we wouldn't burn out. We took a small vacation in that time but we saved and paid cash for it. We had money set aside for spending during the trip and came not to nary a bill to be seen. That was as relaxing as the trip itself! It really is worth it, and I recommend Dave to anyone that will listen. Good luck. It's totally worth it if you do it.



answers from Dallas on

I love Dave Ramsey! I think the best part of his advice it saving up the $1000 emergency fund first. It has saved us from going into debt on so many small emergencies(heater going out in the middle of winter- blown tires that had to be replaced etc) Listen to his radio show for a week and you will get a pretty good idea of what he is about- no gimmick- just common sense!
My parents took his classes(lifetime membership and he usually has a sale going on) After 35 years of marriage, they are debt free including the house and they have enough money that they are able to retire! We are going through the plan right now- pay off small debts first- and will be out of debt by next year!
How fast you get out of debt really depends on how much you really want to be out of debt- if you are super focused and you and your husband both get extra jobs and you cut back on lifestyle as far as possible- you can be out of debt in no time! but if you are fine with how things are and arent' really willing to change- it might take awhile.
Good Luck!



answers from Lafayette on

I've been to Tenn. to his headquarters to be trained to lead Financial Peace University in our church (Calvary Baptist in West Lafayette IN). We just began FPU for our leadership team, and will roll it out to our whole church & then our community in January. So far, it IS life changing! I've heard several stories where debt is paid off and folks have a totally new outlook on money. My husband & I do pretty well (we have no debt, other than our house), but we're already making different decisions about what we do with our funds -- and it's only week 3. If you can get involved in a class, it's worth it to get the encouragement and accountability. Plus, you have access to his info and websites forever when you join a class! But even if you just follow the book, it will change your life. Just ask for help (from people you'd like to change places with) when you need it!

Good luck!


answers from Phoenix on

Call some of your local churches. Ours offers his "financial peace university" about every quarter. The classes are free but you do need his "kit" which is about $100. Its worth it. Good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

I love Dave Ramsey and his method of dumping debt. My hubby and I are on baby step 2...and it will take a while. I know we have lots more debt than you guys, so the process is slow. But it feels good to be working on it. I have learned so much about planning for every event and every penny has a place in our monthly spending. I would highly recommend it! Good luck!



answers from South Bend on

I love Dave Ramsey's advice......without his "down to earth" advice that just made sense, we would still be swimming in debt! Two years ago we had $20,000 in cc debt, 2 car loans, a personal loan and a school loan. We lived paycheck to paycheck and got what we needed by using cc's (including groceries). Now, we still live paycheck to paycheck, but with cash ONLY, no cc's. We have paid off our $20,000 in cc debt, personal loan and 2 car loans. Unfortunately, our van that we paid off quit on us a little earlier than we were hoping......so, we had to get a small loan to get another, better cheap vehicle that we are going to pay off asap. To fix the other van would have cost the same amount and we had a two page list of other things that are wrong still........so, we opted to spend the same money and get a better cheap vehicle for now.

In the meantime, while all that was going on, we have paid cash for replacing an oven (it decided to clean my pie instead of bake it and then wouldn't shut off lol) and a water softener........$2500. All during Christmas present buying season!!! We would have never been able to do that before.

We seem to have hit a plateau now, so we are trying to sell our house and rent somewhere cheap until we can do it right! ;) Our mortgage/taxes/insurance takes up over 1/2 of our income. A lot more than Dave recommends. Once we sell our house we will get rid of our $1400/month payment for a $600/month rent. That will allow us to pay off our debts in under 2 years. Then, we will be saving that same amount of money to buy our next home! The right way! We built this house 10 years ago and planned on living here to the end. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would leave, but I am actually happy about it. We have not in 10 years taken a family vacation, d/t our debt to income ration. We have to say no to all the fun things the kids want to do that are not free. We will be a lot happier being able to say yes once in a while.



answers from Boca Raton on

I didn't want to spend money to learn more about his program so I checked out his book from the library - you may want to see if they have the DVD!

So far I love the book . . .

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