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Does Anyone Else Have Experience with Hives During Pregnancy?

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I am pregnant and have gotten hives. I'm into day 2 now. I am wondering if anyone else has gotten hives at the beginning of the 2nd trimester also. I had the s...


Getting Pregnant & Allergy Medication ...

T.C. asks from Detroit

My last experience w/ mamasource responses was overwhelming wonderful ... I had to try again! My question for you all now is : allergy medications & TRYING to get p...


Allergy Help for 4 Yr Old

P.S. asks from Portland

My 4 yr old daughter is having a terrible bout with allergies right now. I haven't had her tested for what yet, as her doctor said we should wait until she's older. ...


My Daughter Needs Tubes for a Third Time

J.T. asks from Topeka

I dont know how often this does happen. My oldest is 5 and she has had 2 sets of tubes in her ears already. well she went to the doctor today and she is got so much...


Recurrent Ear Infections

J.L. asks from Springfield

My 13 month old daughter has had three ear infections in two months. At our last visit, the pediatrician said she could have a milk allergy (she was breastfed and th...


New Allergy: Itchy Hives!

H.H. asks from Hartford

I am going crazy! I have never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life, this is all new at 31. I have not started new foods/products or anything that we can f...


Need Advice on Infant Cough

A.B. asks from Dallas

I have a 3 mo. old little boy who has had a cough for about three weeks now. The doctor told us to give him Tylenol Cold and Cough which we did and it didn't seem to...


Two Year Old Runs High Fevers Every Three to Four Weeks

K.D. asks from St. Louis

Has anyone else had to deal with this as well? He started his first episode of fevers when he was two months old, then at three months old he was spitting up blood a...


Allergy Testing

J.P. asks from Albany

Hi, I am trying to find out some information on allergy testing. This week my son had a reaction and the doctors aren't sure, but they are guessing he may have a nut...


Does Anyone Else Fear Dying Young?

C.W. asks from Sarasota

I know this sounds strange, but I have been having thoughts or premonitions of my own death lately. I don't have any reason to believe I'm dying, I just keep having ...