Hygiene Issues: Melissa & Doug

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

J.W. asks from Boston

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a creative yet inexpensive gift idea. We've been invited to a shower but had not budgeted for it since originally they weren'...


Removing Marker from Hands

V.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter got a Melissa and Doug cupcake decorating kit for her birthday. I wrongly assumed because it was Melissa and Doug that the markers would be washable and ...


Toys, Games & Activities

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Any tips or suggestions for good toys/ fun games to play with our DS? He's 19 months old now. Seems he's taken an interest in cars, running and cha...


Letter Sets with Extra Vowels

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- DS is into spelling. He wants to know how things are spelled, wants to practice writing words, and sometimes wants to defy convention, i.e. mommy c...


Gift Idea for Baby Girl's 1St Birthday

S.S. asks from Tampa

Family and friends are asking me what to get my daughter for a birthday gift who turns one Dec 30th. I am fresh out of ideas since I just suggested things for Christ...


Need Organizer Recos

D.G. asks from Chicago

I want a toddler chore chart that has the following: *days of the week; *can hang (magnetic is not necessary); *has pictures of the chores (i.e. brush teeth, get d...


Appropriate Christmas Gift Ideas for a 2 Month Old?

V.W. asks from Bakersfield

My daughter is two months old and I am attempting to figure out what to get or suggest as gift ideas to like the grandparents and such. We got EVERYTHING that we cou...


Birthday Gifts

M.P. asks from Dallas

Hello All, I am in need of a GOOD birthday gift for my best friend’s son who will be 5. He is very much into horses and when I say vary, I mean very. My friend h...


Looking for Clothes, Shoes and Accessories for 1 Year Old

L.S. asks from Chicago

My son just turned one and I am having a hard time finding clothes and now shoes for him. We got a lot of baby clothes as gifts and hand me downs - but now he is out ...


Anyone See Any Good Black Friday Ad Leaks Yet??

M.P. asks from Green Bay

Apparently I have Christmas on my brain...has anyone seen any good Black Friday Ads leaked yet?? Last year, Toys R Us had an AWESOME deal for a train table and I...