How Often Do Your Kids Take a Shower or a Bath, and When ???

Updated on November 18, 2012
D.C. asks from Plano, TX
37 answers

Now, having 3 kids (11, 5 and almost 1) I have to get a better routine down...

So I sat there wondering....

My boys love getting a shower in the mornings because it helps them wake up....

I'd rather have them take one in the evening, because that way they go to bed clean....

On Saturdays they take a bath at night....

Now about the baby....

I like to give her a bath at night because of the food stuck to the hair and neck lol ....

But sometimes she has to take a shower in the mornings because her diaper was soaked in the morning, or she spit up....

Do you think 2 showers a day for the kids is too much ???

Or is it gonna be ok if they get lotioned up afterwards ???

Thanks....I'm really curious about your answers....

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answers from Chicago on

My 6yr old son takes a bath once or twice a week depending on his needs. If he plays outside in the dirt he takes one right away- now it's winter not too much outside play. We have sensitive skin on both sides of the family so we try not to irritate it too much in general with a ton of unnessesary showers. Showers/baths amp him up vs relax him so we do them in the morning or mid day - never at night.

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answers from Dallas on

My 8yo son has PE twice a week, so he showers on PE days, and occasionally other days if he needs to. He showers at night.

My almost 15yo son showers every night because, well . . . he stinks if he doesn't shower daily. ;)



answers from Houston on

Personally, I don't think anyone has to bathe everyday if they are not doing much exercise. If you have been sitting around in a chair all day, then you are not dirty.
My kids go in the bath every other day. I go in every other day. 2 showers is too many.

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answers from Detroit on

Once a week.

I'd probably do more if it were not for the morning sickness right now. Kind of survival mode right now. Oh, and we do showers for anyone age 2 and up. The baby gets a bath.
Sensitive skin here too so we don't want to over-dry or irritate. They are all under age 7. As they get older, probably more often.

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answers from Raleigh on

My two kids (2 and 6) take a bath at night. I just can't stand the thought of them getting in bed with all that daily grime all over them. And my oldest has allergies, so it's important that he's not exposed to the allergens from the day overnight.
If they need sprucing up in the morning, we do bird baths. For me, two baths is too much, esp on the water use. I like to conserve and be nice to our environment when I can.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I'm just wondering when you would find time for anything else if there is this much bathing/showering going on! My kids are good with every second or even third night, and showers at the pool count too. If we have time they can have a bath, if we are in a hurry they can shower.

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answers from Seattle on

wow...that's a lot of bathing!
My boys are 10 and 7. They take a shower every other night. No need to do more than that...yet. Soon, VERY SOON, my 10 year old will start to be a bit funkier and he will take showers more often, but for now, he's fine with every other day. The only time they get more than that is if there is a sweaty sporting event, a party, or if I look at them and think "ICK! get in the shower!"
My daughter is 22 months and she gets about 3 baths a week. Again, unless she has a blow up diaper or gets crazy amounts of food in her hair.

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answers from Missoula on

My boys are 5 and 19 months. The 5 year-old hates baths, only takes them when I insist. He likes to shower with his dad instead, but that is difficult with our schedules. He gets bathed/showered 2 or 3 times per week, more if he is especially dirty. He has very dry skin, like his mama, and too much bathing exacerbates his eczema, so this is what works for him at the moment. When he's older and funkier :) we will have to reevaluate the schedule.

The baby gets a bath every other day.

For us, 2 showers a day would be a lot.

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answers from Dallas on

Pick your battles, mama. I think the boys are old enough to pick when to take a shower. I would just be glad they took one without me yelling.

I know what you mean about before bed but not enough to enforce it.

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answers from Dallas on

A couple times a week during the winter/cooler months, every other or every day in summer depending on activity level.

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answers from Washington DC on

Clean the kids as needed. Decide per kid and per event if the kid needs a sponge off or a real bath. They may be just fine washing hands and faces at night vs 2 baths. If they want a shower in the AM and haven't been dirty at night, let them just take it in the AM BUT one of our rules is if you can't get out the door on time, you can't take showers in the morning. SD took them at night to seep in. I usually take a shower in the morning. DD takes her bath at night to wind down.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It all depends upon the season. DS, just turned 11, MUST take a shower every evening during the summer because he spends so much time fishing. Sometimes he even has to take one midday if he gets too carried away in the lake. And about once a week it's bad enough he has to strip and be hosed off out back before entering the house :) However, in the winter he wears jeans and long sleeves all the time and frankly, he probably showers once a week at best. He doesn't smell, so i don't care. He tends to have dry skin on his legs so I figure why dry them out even more.

DD, 13, pretty much showers every night. Sometimes she'll wait until morning. And usually Saturday or Sunday will get skipped.


answers from Spokane on

My boys, 8 and 4 take their bath/shower in the evening before bed. My 4 y/o bathes 3-4 x per week. My 8 y/o showers almost nightly.
They already get up at 6:15 so evening works better for us.



answers from Redding on

My kids always took a bath or shower every night.
My son is 17 now, he likes a shower at night, but sometimes, he takes one in the morning to get his day going.

When they were babies, heck, sometimes I had their little butts in the tub or shower a few times a day depending on how sticky or dirty they got. They both loved the water. We had a hot tub and they were always in the water one way or the other.

My mom always said, "They aren't sugar...they won't melt".
It's true.

A little lotion won't hurt anything for the baby. The 11 and 5 year old probably don't really need it unless you have really hard water or something.

Best wishes.



answers from Los Angeles on

If your boys love showers in the morning because it helps them wake up,
I'd let them do it that way. They are a bit older and are learning what
works better for them.

Your baby only needs one bath a day. No more. Too much can be drying for the skin.

For her, I'd stick to the bath at night. It's calming, gets her ready for bed &
starts a bed time routine for when she is a toddler/school age child.


answers from Los Angeles on

2x a day, per child, is too much, IMO.

~However I have between 5-9 people in my house every day so we have to be mindful of others when it comes to bathroom times. My younger boys get showers in the morning, like yours it helps them wake up. Older boys get up much earlier and a couple of them prefer mornings, the other 2 prefer night time showers. My daughter is the youngest and still in preschool (which starts later than everyone else) so on days that she has school she gets a bath the night before and the days she has off she takes a bath after everyone has left, that way she doesn't have to be rushed and she gets hot water! Husband and I usually do night time showers and late at night, after all have gone to bed. We all do showers or baths almost everyday, occasionally every other day during the week but the lil' boys often skip the weekends. During the summer the younger kids cut WAY back on showers/baths b/c they spend all day in the pool(s)--we have one and so does my sister.



answers from Chicago on

My kids have a giant bubble bath on Friday nights. I then shower then every other day, unless they played hard outside. Sometimes we go three days if they seem and I'm feeling lazy, but they usually shower every other day.

if my 2 year old has an accident, I just wash his lower body in a quick shower.


answers from Philadelphia on

hmmm i only have one 6 year old girl. she currently takes a bath at night and 3-4 times per week. ussualyl every other day but sometimes we skip a night if we're busy

when she was 1 i bathed her at night the same amount of times per week, but often times if she was overly messy during the day she;d get a bath in the day instead.


answers from Boise on

showers and baths are as needed. During the summer it's a few times a week, more if they are particularly dirty. During the winter it is much less often, they just aren't as active. Now my youngest (3) takes two a day. She even runs her own bath, it's not unusual for us to find he in there. It literally takes her minutes to undress, plug and run the tub.

As far as the 11 year old, I wouldn't be dictating when so much as monitoring that he is showering.



answers from Dallas on

My children, 12, 10 and 8, take baths at night, so that they can wind down and so that they get into bed clean. They are almost always in a sport each and must get a shower following practice. My daughter is in daily basketball practice so daily showers are essential. My boys can go every other day if they are not too stinky, because they have fair complections and sensitive skin. It depends on the pollen count, too...gotta get that stuff outta their hair so it's not all over their pillows. It's a catch-22 sometimes. 2 showers is too much. Skip the morning. That's my advice. I would try going to bed 30 minutes earlier to help with the problem of waking up in the morning. I give my children (not babies) melatonin at night to help them fall asleep (check with your doctor, first, please,) because their brains won't shut off. My 12-year-old is so tired from all of her physical activity, she doesn't need it anymore. Just my opinion. :)


answers from Pocatello on

I have 3 girls ages 5, 3, and 18 months. They get a bath every night. Sometimes I will skip washing the old girls hair just because it's better to do that every other day. But they still get their bodies washed and the baby (who like yours gets food in her hair almost every day lol) gets her hair washed daily. For you 1 year old may I ask what kind of diapers she wears at night? Some aren't as good as others. Like my sister buys luv's for her son to wear during the day because they're cheaper but she also buys pampers for night time because they are better at leaks. So 1 pampers a night saves her money. You could also just try putting baby in the sink to wash off her lower half if she's still wet in the mornings so she isn't getting her whole body and hair wet twice a day.



answers from Houston on

My 22mo gets a bath every afternoon, unless he's asleep or it's too cool in the house, which is rare. Even if he doesn't get a full bath, he gets a good wipe-down. That's Monday through Friday. On the weekends, it depends on how active he is. I prefer to give him a bath closer to bed time.

He's still bathing in the big kitchen sink during the week, so Sunday night is his big night to be in my bath tub. I guess a Saturday bath is pretty rare, now that I think about it.


answers from Tampa on

My son HAS to take a shower everynight. I switched to showers for him when he started 1st grade because he's smelly lol! And the idea of him being sweaty and gross and sitting in bath water made me sick. A few mornings a week he will take a shower before school as well.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My son showers every night. And, additionally, after sports.
Once in a while he skips a day here or there on the weekend (but not on sports days!).



answers from Bellingham on

I have three boys aged 7, 6, and 4. They shower every night. Two of them sometimes shower in the morning as well.



answers from Honolulu on

My kids are 6 and 10.
They both take showers, at night. Nightly.
My kids are pretty much not as into "baths" anymore. They like showers.
They shower themselves.
We don't and have never used lotion after. They don't need it.



answers from New York on

Your 11 year old can decide when he takes a shower. Your 5 year old, you decide because you know what is best. Your baby needs to be bathed every day and allowed to air out her diaper area. My son is 4 1/2 and he takes a bath almost every night. It is fun and relaxing for him. He refuses to shower. He doesn't like the way the water feels.



answers from Raleigh on

My daughters are 9 & 11. D11 takes a shower every night because she likes to straighten her hair in the AM with flat iron. D9 showers every other day either PM or AM but may have to start showering every day because of puberty. D11 started showering EVERY day about a year ago because of BO...and because when I walked into her 5th grade classroom and witnessed how bad it smelled in there I knew I didn't want her contributing to the smell! lol She used to fight me on it but it just wasn't an option. So I would suggest ur 11 yr old shower every day at least and ur other children could bathe less unless it is needed.


answers from Dover on

My 5 year old takes a bath at night (sometimes a shower). My mornings are too hectic to have my little one take a shower in the morning. Plus she has long hair and I don't want to send her out in the winter with wet hair. On a Friday or Saturday night, if she's not dirty, we will let her wait til morning. When she's been outside playing and gets dirty, I definitely don't let her wait until morning. It would probably help her wake up better but until she is able to do it all without me prodding her along, mornings are too much.

My son takes a shower in the morning and as needed otherwise. He's 21 now but grew up playing sports so most times he needed a shower after practice but wanted to jump in the shower for a few minutes just to wake up in the am.

Two showers a day, everyday, unless they are really dirty or playing sports is probably a bit much.


answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, two showers a day is just too much for their skin/natural oil balance, no matter if you put lotion on or not. Our daughter takes a bath or shower every other evening, unless she's had a really sweaty or dirty day.



answers from Detroit on

Every time someone asks a question like this, I am so curious what peoples kids are doing to get so dirty that they can't get in bed without a shower? lol. my 5 year old is every other day to every 3 days. the baby is as needed, at least every 4th day. i wipe her down as needed with a wet washcloth or wipes for excessive spit up or poo. in the summer, we do more often to wash off sunscreen or sand, etc. we do showers/baths at night mostly, but sometimes it kills time during the day.



answers from Seattle on

That's what we do.

My son takes a shower in the morning and a bath at night. If its been a particularly grueling day... Sometimes he's hosed off again in the middle.

I take a shower in the morning to wake up, and shower again after sports. Which is almost every day.

We don't have dry skin, so no lotion.



answers from San Francisco on

My kids are all under 6 years old. We do :

Bath every night or every other night for older boys
Bath for baby every 2-3 days. I do a sponge bath daily for all the creases and private areas.

It works really well for us.

Also if we have to be somewhere quick, I put everyone in the shower/bath at the same time with me. Its kinda crazy but we get it done :)



answers from New York on

My daughter is 4 and she takes a bath (she hates showers) every other night before bed (she gets apx 4 baths a week). I would think as she gets older it will increase to every night....



answers from Los Angeles on

My kids (5 and 2) take a bath together every night before bed. I used to bathe the younger one only every other day, but now she gets so much food everywhere, gets dirty at the park, etc so she gets one every day too.


answers from Norfolk on

Every day - usually after supper and before bedtime.
We like to wash off the germs from the day (day care/ school / work / etc).
The only exception is if we didn't go anywhere on a Sat and didn't get dirty.



answers from Omaha on

Kids get cleaned every night and the baby twice a day like you. I am at home though so I have more time than moms who work outside the home.

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