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From Infant Tub to Bath Seat?

L.V. asks from Dallas

I have a 6month old who is growing out of his infant tub. He wants to sit up in it, and it's not made that way. I was looking at the few bath seats that are on the ma...


Baby Bath Question

J.D. asks from New York

Hello all, I have been using a WONDERFUL baby bath for the last seven months. It is a product made by 4 moms and it has a thermometer built in, AMAZING! It fits in...


Baby Bath SEAT

S.P. asks from San Diego

Anyone have a recommendation for a bath seat? baby girl is too big for the one i use in the sink and I would like to bathe my girls together in the tub, so a seat mi...


Baby Bath Tub Safety

M.B. asks from Seattle

Hi ladies, i need some urgent suggestions of how to proof our big tub while bathing my baby.Usually i will put her baby bath tub in the big tub and bathe her that w...


5 Month Old Getting Too Big for Her Bath Tub Laying Down. Other Alternatives?

J.L. asks from Roanoke

Hi everyone, I have a 5 month old daughter who we bathe in the tub using her little plasitc Safety 1st bath tub. We lay her down using the little cot that came with...


Bath Safety

L.L. asks from Rochester

Well, we've been using an "infant/toddler" tub since about a month old...our daughter is now a VERY active 8 months old. She is tall, but still fits nicely in the tu...


How to bathe infant safely in bath tub?

J.M. asks from Dover

Hi. My daughter just turned 6 months old and is growing out of her infant tub. I was going to purchase the tub seat made by Safety 1st however, a friend of mine tol...


Seeking Advice for Bath Time for 10 Month Old.

S.N. asks from Minneapolis

Up until about a month ago, we have been using a newborn/infant bath tub and setting it on the bathroom counter to bathe my daughter. She used to love bath time and w...


No Bathtub in My House-How Should I Bath My 2 Year Old?

T.C. asks from Miami

Unfortunately my house has only showers and no bathtubs. We have a huge kitchen sink and put a bathtub in there from the day my daughter was born until now. That wor...


Bathing 9 Month Old (Bath Tub Question)

E.S. asks from Chicago

My 9 month old is getting too big for his reclining tub. My question is if I should bother with an in between tub or just go right to the regular bath tub. I've seen ...