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Ideas for a Unique Baby Shower Gift for New Mom-to-be with Everything.

N.C. asks from Dallas

Hi mom's, Pls let me know the most unique baby shower gift you've received, seen or heard about. I am going to a baby shower in a week for a new mom who's got it all...


What Do I Really Need for a Second Baby?

E.L. asks from Los Angeles

Prior to being on bed rest I did not want a second baby shower. I was so fortunate to receive so many gifts the first time around! Being on bed rest really changed my...


Registry- HELP

K.I. asks from Indianapolis

Will you lovely ladies help me out? It's been SO long since I've had a baby in the house that my memory is failing me. SO many friends and family have asked me if my...


What Does One Need for a New Baby Born Close to His Sibling?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

Okay, this may sound bizarre, but I have no idea what I should register for, considering I already had a baby shower not too long ago. My dd will be 2 years old when ...


Sling and Carrier Advise

T.C. asks from Austin

I have a 11month and a 3yr old girls. I am carrying them around all the time! I have wanted a sling since I had the 3yrold, I got an infantino one for the baby at my ...


Sahm's of Young Kids, What Are Your Days Like?

3.B. asks from Cleveland

I have a 2.5 yr old and a 3 month old. And I feel like I just "can't get it together". Usually the baby is up first so right away I change him and feed him a bottle. ...


Specific Baby Carrier - Anyone Have Experience with This One?

S.F. asks from Utica

I was doing some poking around on the Babies R Us website and I noticed that they have this baby carrier on sale. It is the Infantino Support Ergonomic Carrier. Whe...


I'm Desperate for Help with My Clingy Toddler.

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

Hello friends , I'm having a really hard time with DD4 who is 16 mo old. She has stopped sleeping through the night, she's waking up a good 3-4 times now and just wa...


What Is the Most Versatile Carrier?

T.M. asks from Medford

We recently switched our soon-to-be 5 month old baby's car seat and it isn't a traveller kind. We are now faced with how to easily carry our baby when we grocery sho...


Advice on Baby Sling

R.C. asks from Chicago

I'm due any day now and would like some advice. I've been reading a lot about "attachment parenting" and would really love to give it a try. Any advice on baby slin...