Hygiene Issues: Sam's Club

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Sam's Club or Costco ???

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, my friend took me to Sam's club this weekend and I liked a lot of their stuff.... So I went over to Costco and checked out their stuff and they also had qui...


What Would YOU Have Done Question - Incident with Shopper at Sam's Club

♥.O. asks from Washington DC

I was at Sam's Club the other day. I'm standing in line with my teen daughter at the checkout lane waiting to unload my cart and there is a lady (probably in her late...


What Do You Buy at Sam's Club?

A.M. asks from Kansas City

i'm going with my mom in a week or two (she has a membership, i don't) and i am looking for some tips. we are a family of 3 so we won't be buying lots of perishables ...


Bath Time

M.M. asks from York

Hi ladies! I am looking for some ideas on how to get my 3 year daughter to like bath time. She used to love the bath and then went to liking it other than getting h...


What Is the Best Baby Shower Present You Have Ever Received??

M.S. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for something personal and adorable to give to a good friend for her first. Just wondering what is the best gift you have received for your baby shower. T...


Baby Shower Gift

M.V. asks from Dallas

One of my good friend's is having a baby shower in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what to get her. I want to give her something that she will need but at the s...


Getting That Musty Smell Out of My Bath Towels

N.O. asks from Detroit

Maybe someone can help me out.... It never fails, I buy bath towels and after a few several times of using them, they get stinky. It's a musty type smell and I do...


Talk to Me About Flowers...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Yes, another question in what will become my wedding planning memoirs... I will be making my centerpieces, bouquet, and flower girls' bouquets. I will need flower...


Store Brand Diapers?

G.J. asks from Orlando

My daughter has always worn Huggies diapers but as we all know, they can be pricy. I buy ours at Sam's Club and they come out to .19 per diaper. Do you use store b...


Affordable Baby Shower Favors/theme

K.R. asks from Chicago

I am throwing my sil a baby shower. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for favors that are affordable. Either to by or make. also the sex of baby is not known. Thank...