Home Birth: Infant

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Home Birth?

H.G. asks from Dallas

Hi mamas! im watching josh and anna duggar have her baby at home and after 17 hrs she gave birth! She was real frustrated at the end- understandable! Im done having ...


Home Birth

K.B. asks from Wichita

Hello Everyone! My husband and I have recently decided to have a homebirth with our second child, due in August. We are very excited about our decision and I am anxio...


Where to Birth

M.M. asks from St. Louis

My original plan was to birth at home. I've changed my mind for a few reasons, although I still fear birthing in a hospital due to unnecessary intervention and some ...


Birth Center Vs. Home Birth

A.L. asks from Salt Lake City

This go round I'm thinking of doing a home birth or using my midwife's birth suite. (this is baby #4, with baby #3 I had a nurse "catch" while she said "Oh, I've neve...


Home Birth--Any Regrets??

C.K. asks from Minneapolis

I would like to hear from moms who birthed at home, either midwife assisted or alone. How did it go? Do you have any regrets, or wish you would have gone with a hosp...


Thinking of Having a Home Birth

K.O. asks from Toledo

Hi Ladies, Have any of you moms had a home birth?? If so, what was your experience with it?? My husband I are considering this option in order to save some money (o...


Any Other Home Birth Moms?

J.R. asks from Eugene

Hi! My name is J.. I have a 18mo old and I'm having my second baby (due May 25) in my home with a midwife. I'd like to see if there are any of y'all out there also...


Home Birth with a Toddler

B.F. asks from Asheville

My daughter will be 22 months old when our second baby will be born. We are planing our second home birth, and I am concerned about how my daughter will react to me ...


Home Birth Vs. Hospital Birth

S.H. asks from Minneapolis

I'm newly pregnant with my second child. My first child, Oscar, will be 2.5 years old when this baby is born. I gave birth to Oscar in Japan, where I had a phenomenal...


Home Birth Mamas? Any Suggestions?

T.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! I am one month away from my due date, and looking forward to our home birth. Please share with me your experiences, and give me any advice you have that m...