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Teen Hair

C.J. asks from Chicago

My 11 year old daughter has very oily hair. Even using a clarifying shampoo, the minute her hair dries, it is oily. Help!


Hair Coloring

M.W. asks from Springfield

Hi, I have to say I truly enjoy mamasource. I have a question about hair coloring. I just discovered that I am pregnant only 4.5 weeks and wanted to know when it is ...


Losing Hair

N.G. asks from Charleston

My hair has always been thick but when I was pregnant it was great. Now, 4 1/2 months later my hair is coming out in clumps. Can anybody help me or do I just keep c...


Hair Loss

H.H. asks from Great Falls

Hi to all you wonderful ladies out there! I am so impressed with all the advice I have received from you in the past. I have a strange question for you this time. ...


Question About Hair

L.M. asks from Wichita

Last night I was in a discussion with my daughters soon to be step mother about the frequency in which I wash my daughters hair. I wash it every other time that I bat...


Hair Thinning

M.M. asks from Dallas

Have any of you experienced hair thinning at a young age? I am 32, and recently had a miscarriage, so I guess it could be hormone/stress related. However, I could als...


gREASY HAIR What to Do!!!

K.B. asks from Sarasota

My daughter is 12 yrs old and has struggled with greasy hair for a couple yrs now . I have swithched shampoo's and conditioners and did straight viniagar but still l...


Change in Daughter's Hair Texture

J.R. asks from Saginaw

My daughter once had silky, straight hair. Somewhere between 9 and 9 1/2 years old, her hair became very wavy, coarse, and frizzy. We have no idea why. My husband and...


Have You Ever Dyed or Highlighted Your Hair?

L.. asks from Roanoke

I have an appointment with my awesome hair stylist in 2 weeks to get highlights. I went to him this week to get my hair cut, and I told him I was interested in highl...