Hair Loss in Daughter

Updated on June 11, 2010
D.B. asks from Yorkville, IL
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About a few months ago, I noticed that my Daughter who is 6, hair seemed to be thinning. (She has fine hair to begin with).

When it is wet, it looks very thin and you can see her scalp. Tonight, after a shower, my husband said that it was all over her back and in the comb. Should I be concerned with this? I would like to mention,that when I took her for a hair cut last month the beautician said that kids hair change and not worry. (WHICH is easier said than done). ANY info would be greatly appreciated.


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answers from Milwaukee on

I have been told (by hair dressers) that at infancy and around age 6 a child's hair can change... then 30ish on one might notice more changes. Sometimes you notice it and sometimes not. Also have seen it happen to many various kids with no worries, healthy kids but their hair is just changing.

If it is coming out in chunks then maybe a call to her doctors office and let them know how much is coming out at once, and how long it has been happening. Children and adults can lose chunks of hair when the body is not receiving enough nourishment (and not receiving enough nourishment can happen many different ways; food choices, how the some body processes certain foods, using that nourishment to fight other things). So if it is something that really concerns you do call her docs office BUT it morethenlikely is just that at this age her hair is changing.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't have any info but if that happened to my daughter I'd want to get it checked out. Does she have any other symptoms? I hope someone here knows about this. I could see where that would have ya worried. Best wishes.

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answers from Chicago on

My cousins young daughter had the same thing happen. They took her to the doctor for some blood work and it turned out she has a vitamin deficiency. Now they give her supplements and her hair is growing back nicely! good luck!

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answers from Davenport on

It wouldn't hurt to ask the MD. Is she loosing hair anywhere else, eyelashes are a good place to look. Has she had any other symptoms, easy bruising, weight loss, tired all the time,etc.



answers from Chicago on

First thing to do is look at her nutrition, if she is getting an appropriate amount of the primary nutrients Fat, protein and carbs(in balance), and then a variety of healthy foods I would then assess things like is she constipated? diarrhea? back and forth? Any excessive bathroom trips? Overtired alot? Height porportionate to weight? Growing? If you have any doubtful answers time to visit the doctor just to make sure you can rule out things like diabetes, celiac disease, thyroid disease, or other early auto immune, blood disdorders. If he gives her a clean bill of health then awesome and you will not have to worry for a while, if not then you can deal with any issue sooner rather than later. Anytime you worry about a potential health issue it is healthier for both you and your child to go ask the doctor and then stop the worry or take care of the problem.


answers from Killeen on

First only comb her hair in the shower when it is soaking wet- and only use a wide tooth comb. Then I would mention it to the Dr., it really can't hurt to ask. I would be concerned.

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