Advice on Hair Care Products for Heat Damaged Hair

Updated on January 29, 2010
K.B. asks from Blythewood, SC
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Hello all! I am a SAHM and my husband works so we are on a tight budget. I have recently decided to let my hair grow out again, because it's been so short for so long, and to save money on the hair cuts. My hair is thick, wavy, and tends to get frizzy, and after getting out of the shower I always have to blow dry it or it's completely unmanageable. Since I'm letting it grow out I've had to try different ways of styling. After doing some reading and seeing a friend who had recently started flat ironing her hair, I decided to try it. I love the way the flat iron makes my hair look and feel, and it cuts down on the frizzies and keeps it manageable during the day. However, since I've been doing it for a while now I'm starting to notice the damage from the heat of the flat iron on top of the heat from the blow dryer. It's breaking and I've got those pesky fly-aways. I'm seeking advice for some good, but not horribly expensive, hair care products. Any kind of sprays, shampoos, conditioners...anything that can be used to help my hair be healthy again, but so I can continue to blow dry and straighten my hair. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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answers from Augusta on

I use a leave in conditioner by Garnea Frutice ( how ever it's spelled) Its in their sleak and smooth styling line. And I use pantine smooth shampoo.

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answers from Atlanta on

Heat up some regular cooking or olive oil in the microwave for 1 min, then take with you in the shower. Put it on after getting your hair wet -- ON THE ENDS ONLY -- then wash body, then wash hair and ends twice, then condition. Do this 2x a week or so until under control, then 1x a week and so on.

However, most people don't have Aunt's as hair dressers for 20 yrs as I have, so don't get training on how to wash and condition correctly:) Use only around a quarter or less of product, wash ONLY the roots, and condition ONLY then ends. Saves on product and keeps hair more manageable.

Also, you could put a little oil or conditioner in water and spray on your hair from a pump bottle after blowing dry (or put in hands and pat on) to keep flyaways down while conditioning too.

And checkout Fabulous stuff:)

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answers from Atlanta on

I use product that I order online. They are salon quality at a Pantene price. They are natural and don't have the formaldehydes and other toxic ingredients in them. In fact, my hair dresser has started using them in her salon. If you are interested in more information you can contact me directly and I'll give you the information.



answers from Atlanta on

Oh yeah, the ceramic deal is just a joke. That is what I was using when my hair worsened, and I had one of those supposedly high end 90$ deals. Just being honest. Go get a good trim and then call me. lol ###-###-####



answers from Eugene on

This is unconventional, but I discovered it works really well and wanted to pass it on. My hair is not heat damaged, but it does tend towards dryness and frizzies. I bought a lovely creamy cocoa butter/coconut/shea butter cream at a natural foods store. It was in the hand lotion section, and was meant for use as a facial/hand moisturizer. But I loved the cocoa scent of it so much, and it was so very creamy, I decided to put a little bit in my hair---WOW!!! Just a tiny bit, smoothed quickly over my hair and then brushed in, and I got smooth, shiny, silky--AND it smells like chocolate!

It was about $12 for a jar that will last many weeks.



answers from Norfolk on

Pantene makes great products for frizzies as does john frida- also good old home remedies like oatmeal mixed with olive-oil and egg does wonders but is a little smelly- rinse your hair good and spritz it with your perfume! I put lotion on my fly- aways to lay them down and use Elnet hair spry which is a wonder product! I flat iron my hair almost every day as well and the more misture the better!



answers from Savannah on

Three Minute Miracle, Deeeeep Conditioner by Aussie
This is an awesome product, Walgreens has it listed on their website for 2 for 7.00. For that price it is phenomenal! They also have frizz fighters and other great products. (The Walgreens website has 20 reviews on the product

Best of Luck with this one. I know how these styling irons can fry hair. Also, if you have a build up of product that is contributing to the dryness (heating irons really cook in hair products) try a tbsp of baking soda in your hand and a smidgen of your shampoo, mix together in your hand and rub very well as you shampoo on area's with build up. It will silken those area's like you won't believe.



answers from Sacramento on

The hairdresser told my daughter to put anything she could in her hair before straitening it. Leave in conditioner, just some type of product to protect the hair. The ceramic irons do cause less damage also. That and it doesn't have to be on the highest heat setting to straighten the hair. W. m.



answers from Washington DC on

Mayonnaise. Get the kind that is made with Olive Oil. Put it on your hair when hair is dry, cover with a loosely fitting shower cap, cover that with a towel and sit where you will get warm. Leave it on for about an hour. Wash and condition well.

I would warn you about that flat iron, though. They are not meant to be used every day and are very damaging. Spend the money on a beauty product called FLAT OUT. You can buy it at Sally Beauty Supply. It protects the hair somewhat but it also helps it flatten faster, so it cuts the time you are using the flat iron on the hair. If you must use a flat iron, use the lowest possible setting.

Have you thought about asking your stylist about bartering for your hair cuts? Ask her if she would like her shop windows cleaned, in and out for a conditioning treatment and a cut. I bet she would love it.

God Bless,



answers from Spartanburg on

Try the flat iron that has ceramic instead of metal, it's supposed to avoid the burning on the hair..basically the inside of the flat-iron (the parts that get hot and straighten your hair) is a porcelain-like material (it's white) that gets very hot but not too hot. Once your hair gets healthy again, you could still style it without damaging it...good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

You might want to try a thermal styling spray. It protects hair from heat. Chi has one and it's on amazon for about $13 with shipping but you may be able to find it somewhere else cheaper. You can also read the reviews for the product on amazon. They also have some other products such as silk infusion which might help with your fly-aways. Here's the link.

There's also the Kenra line. Here's the link for their product.

Good luck!



answers from Savannah on

Buy coconut oil (in grocery/ health stores) and put a little in a bowl. Put that bowl in another with hot water and melt the oil. Spritz your hair with a little water then apply the warm oil. You can leave on all day and then wash out. It's incredible what this treatment does after a few rounds. It washes out easy and is not heavy at all. I have fine, fine hair and it works great!

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