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Baby Names with Biblical Meaning

H.V. asks from Grand Rapids

I was wondering if anyone had any decent websites to go to that offers biblical meaning to names that aren't necessarily biblical. If that makes any sense. The ones...


Baby Names

J.K. asks from Fayetteville

Does anyone have any ideas for neat or interesting baby names? Both male or female as the sex of the baby is not known as of yet.


Baby Names...=-)

J.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Everyone, My sister just announced she's 12 weeks pregant( I'm sooo excited). Can you ladies please give us some helping choosing baby names? I would love ...


Baby Names...Need Help!

S.G. asks from Philadelphia

We are expecting baby #3 in May and are having an impossible time agreeing on a name. OK...having a hard time even coming up with names. We are sticking with our "M...


"Weird Names"

M.B. asks from Washington DC

If any of you moms wanna ask our opinion on a name that is "unique" be prepared!!!! (I'm saying this not because of me, but some moms can be NASTY. That isn't my i...


Boy Baby Names

J.P. asks from Dallas

I am trying to come up with some different baby names for a boy. I don't want the normal every day name such as Michael or Andrew. Does anyone have any suggestions.


Baby Names- Help I'm Stuck

H.H. asks from Los Angeles

we have a new baby coming in a few days. We don't know the sex. We have not come up with names!!!!! I'm panicked and totally unable to focus. I'm artsy and like ...


Feedback on Baby Names

E.B. asks from Los Angeles

I want input... We have a few options for baby names, but have had a hard time agreeing on one for each (boy & girl). Please browse and give me a little feedback on w...