Neverland Baby Girl Names?

Updated on March 27, 2011
J.P. asks from Ventura, CA
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We just found out that we are having our fourth girl and have run out of naming steam. My husband and I want to name her one of those super sweet names that is adorable for little girls but hard to see as a grownup name (except for old ladies with names like these--they're so cute!!!) Here's the list my husband has nixed. More suggestions please?!?!?!?
Millie, Gracie, Ani, Trudy, Kitty, Eliza, Piper (Pipa)(which was our #1 runner until our 5 yr old came up with a Piper-Diaper Song.) Hope, Mae, Ellie, Lucy, etc...

P.S. I hope you get the Neverland reference: these names never grow up.
p.p.s. There seems to be concern that I'm not keeping the vision of a young/adult person with the name of Gracie Loo, however, I am---no child will be cursed to walk the earth without suitable options for a more "grown-up" name. Sorry to those who misunderstood me.

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So What Happened?

I wish I could come on here and tell you that we found the perfect name; but I can't. We are still undecided and are likely to stay that way for a while. I appreciate all the wonderful suggestions and many of them are still on "the list." THANKS!!

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answers from New York on

Millie is a "cross-generational" name, but is usually short for "Mildred".
Gracie- you could name her "Grace" and then call her Gracie
Kitty- please don't... you're just begging for her to get teased

The others are cute and easy to spell/say! The only one I would add is "Tillie". I had a student named Tillie and she was named after her grandmother, Matilda but no one every called grandma that, so they named her namesake what they actually called her!

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answers from Albuquerque on

I like the name Piper, although I don't think I could ever convince my DH to agree with me. I wanted to name my DD "Isabel Grace" but compromised with "Isabella Marie." I also really like the name Clementine--but seem to be the only one who would even consider it... :)

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answers from New York on

where I live Piper is extremely popular, not unique at all.
Paige, Sasha, are both cute and grown up,
or a nice name with a cute nickname, Anne(Annie) Cassandra (Cassie) Elizabeth (Lizzy) Ella or Ellen (Ellie) Suzanne (Suzy)

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answers from Cleveland on

I'm confused as to why you'd WANT a name thats hard to see as a grownup lol
Don't get too crazy, she may resent you later!!
I like the "classics" Sophia, but call her Sophie as a child, or as others have said Grace/Gracie
You don't want to give your daughter name that may be looked at as just silly, or will boast the question "What were her parents thinking?"
My friend, whose name is Bambi...... has asked that question herself :)

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answers from Boston on

I like Piper for a girls name and it is something I could see as a professional adults name.

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answers from Iowa City on

Hmmm....the only names I can think of that fit your ok for little girls but hard to see as adults are Lacy, Ceci and Candy (no offense to those who like them but I can safely say that I hate them).

Cute little girl names (I think most of these are fine for adults as well): Maggie (I have a Mags!), Sadie, Missy, Annie, Daisy, Abby, Molly, Callie, Evie, Ivy, Becky, Jacy, Libby. Pretty much anything that ends with the eee sound.

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answers from Washington DC on

The down side of "names that never grow up" is when the child is a young adult trying to establish herself professionally, or an adult with a career. What's cute as pie for a 2-year-old could be viewed by other people in your kid's future workplace as much too cute and nickname-ish for a working adult. Maybe that doesn't matter to you now, and that's fine, but consider whether it will matter to her in the future. I had a friend whose little sister had a very babyish given name (not a nickname, and not one of the ones you have here) and I always wondered how she fared as an adult. Maybe I'm a stick in the mud, but I think a name needs to wear well at all ages.

Why not Grace, which is lovely, and you can call her Gracie whenever you like? Ani is difficult to spell and she will spend her life correcting people: "It's not Annie, not Ann, not Anna...." If you like the sound of it, why not just Ann and call her Annie? Eleanor, and call her Ellie? Catherine can be Kitty to the family and friends but she has the option of being Catherine later if she likes. Hope works for all ages, I think, and Mae does too, and it's a very old traditional spelling. There are a lot of Lucys around here so you might find that too popular. Eliza was my mother's name and I love it, and it's definitely a separate name fro Elizabeth, but again, she spent her life telling people "It's not Elizabeth" and disliked her own name for that reason, the constant corrections. Piper sounds super-sweet cute, but be aware that it can be a boy's name too -- I've seen it for both genders.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My hubbys very beloved Grandma was a Nellie and if we were to have another child, she might have been a Nellie. We have a history on MY side of the family with "N" gal names. Which is a difficult letter, really! LOL.. A Nellie would have added to the mix, but alas, my body was NOT destined to have more than the one child (that was even pushing it).

I like the Millie, Tillie, Nellie, Mae (my Great Grandmothers name), many variations of Elizabeth (Betsy, Lizzie, Ellie), Sally (has been renewed a bit by the Cat in the Hat show on PBS), Lucy... I LOVE (no pun intended with the I love Lucy reference =)

Hey...N. is a great name too...wink wink...LOL! Goes great with most first names for a middle name!!! I have many little name-sakes in the family =)

Good luck and CONGRATS!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I really like Trudy - never thought of it and i don't ever hear it. Maybe it's usually short for Gertrude?

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answers from Las Vegas on

The first name that popped into my head was Wendy (probably due to your Neverland reference). I really do like that name. It's whimsical enough for a little girl and yet you can see an elderly lady with this name. If you look at the whole name of the character, Wendy Moira Angela Darling, you could use Moira as another option for a first name?

Other names to consider: Juliet, Eliana, Charlotte (could be called Charlie), Joanna (called Joey), Silvia, Adelaide or Adelle.

There's always the classic Rose or Rosie.

How fun! Good Luck with baby #4!!!! Let us know what you go with !

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answers from Los Angeles on


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answers from Eugene on

Okay name her Grace and call her Gracie or Milena and call her Millie but please give her a whole name and not just a nickname. Trudy is Gertrude or Waltrude, Eliza stands on it's own, Kitty is Kathryn. Ellie is from Elinor, Lucy is Lucille. She might be a woman whose career requires a full name.

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answers from Denver on

How about Jane? You can call her Janey.

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answers from Washington DC on


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answers from Detroit on


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answers from Pittsburgh on

For me the names "that never grow up" are Lindsay & Kimmy. Not to be taken as offensive to anyone with these names, this is just my opinion.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

How about Lila? Pronounced "Lyla"... It's cute, but also grown up in my opinion.
Good luck!
It's a collaborative effort!

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answers from Chicago on

I love the name Hannah Grace.

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answers from Chicago on

What is wrong with Eliza or Ellie....Lovely names!!

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answers from San Diego on

I think the name Lucy is cute at any age, the other names nah, what ever name you give her she has to take to school with her and children can be cruel. Those names fit grandmas infact I had to grandmothers names mildred and they went by Millie. These are the girl names I like

Samantha (MY daughters name)
Sarah or Sara
Gabriela (Gabby for short)
Raeana prounouced Ray ana
Eden Elizabeth
Asia or spelled AJA but same pronounceation
Just a few, you'll find the right one. Congradulations J.

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answers from San Francisco on

I like the name Trudy too. My favorite name has been Gertrude since I was a little girl (believe it or not). I knew it would be a burden to name a child Gertrude so throughout my life I've had a few pets named Gertrude :-).

All the names on the list are wonderful though! I think siet with it for a bit (unless the baby is here and there's a time crunch) and see if one of the names starts feeling right.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Grace Louise. and then you can call her gracie Loo. What about Julie/Julia/Juliet?

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answers from Joplin on

I was named B. and while it is true that I have rarely run into many other B.'s there are so many times in my life I WISH they had named me the more formal Elizabeth and just Called me B.. Nickname sounding names while cute have to stand up in the real adult world...and I have to this day filled out a form where someone asked if B. was my Legal name and not a nickname.

Cute names
Mackenzie ( can be shortened to Mackie)
Abigail ( can be shortened to Abbie)

I adore your picks of Piper and Lucy!
Lots of luck!

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answers from Dallas on

It would help to know you other girls' names. What about Madeline or Molly? Good Luck!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I love: Pixie, Allie, Candi, Mandy, Annie, Lulu, Lexi, Ella, Maggie

All sweet and young sounding, IMO

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answers from Seattle on

I like Millie (we call my daughter Amelia that sometimes!), Mina (mee-nah), grace (can call her Gracie but with the grown up option), Annie (Annabelle, Anna, Annette), eliza, piper or pippa, hope, Ellie (Ellis, Elizabeth, eliza, Ella, Elle), and Lucy (Lucia). I also like Cassie (cassia, Cassandra), callie (calliope, calista, Carolina, Carolina), Gigi (Gianna, Gwendolyn, Gillian), jilli (Jillian), and Tori (Victoria). I too like Nellie, Maggie, Jane, and Sadie!

I agree with making these cutesy names nicknames for a more adult name, I don't know a single Joey or Bobby that wishes they were known as Joe, Joseph, or Robert now!

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answers from Bellingham on

Emma, Emily, emmaline, Claire, Bella, lily.

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answers from Dover on

It doesn't fit your Neverland description but I like Cheyenne Nicole (nickname can be Chey, CheyChey, Shiny).

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answers from Bakersfield on

My daughters name is Anicia but we call her Ani. It is such a cute name!
I like Millie and Piper too!

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answers from Chicago on

Molly, Maisy, Lily, Daisy, Lila, Ally, Abby, Hailey, Macy, Isabella (Izzy or Bella), Faith, Sienna, Sierra

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answers from San Luis Obispo on

My given name is Eleanor Marie, but I've always gone by N..

Just an idea... :)



answers from Cumberland on

My husband and I love classic names! Our daughter's middle name is Rose because my grandmother's middle name was Rose. Lol--you have both the next first name and middle name choice for our second daughter on the way in your list---Eliza Kitty (short for Kiriakoula-greek name of my grandma). I say go for it ! In my opinion Millie, Trudy, Piper are a little too old lady sounding...Of course my first name is F., named after my grandma, so you don't get much more old lady than that:) Have fun picking one--I love Mae, Lucy, Grace (Gracie), Hope, and Ellie.



answers from Dallas on

Love those names! If we ever had any more kiddos I would like one named Lucy Kate or Annie.

My little girl now is Riley Ann and my son is Luke Gabriel


answers from Pocatello on

Grace, Victoria (vicky), Elizabeth (beth or Lizzy), Felicity, Margaret (Maggie, Meg), Gertrude (Gertie), Eliza (Lizzy), Marie, Hazel, Lillie, Stella, Olive, Etta...

How about look at the most popular baby girl names of 1900:

Maybe some inspiration of those old, "classic" names will help you find one you love! (also if you have a traced family tree... look back in that too!)

Good Luck!



answers from Cleveland on

I like your idea, but give her an out in case she needs one professionally later. I have an Olivia and we often call her Livie. Liv is also pretty. Her middle name is also Harlow, if you are looking for something different.



answers from Spokane on

i will be naming our next daughter calliope (kah-lie-o-pee) we like it because its different and not common.

i also like rose you can call her rosie when she is young :)


answers from Philadelphia on

Try the Baby Name Wizard online. It has a wild interactive graph, with years and history of the popularity of names.

Personally, we went with "Lucy". It's a family name on both sides. We also considered Grace, Pearl, Jewel (my grandmother's best friend), Ruby, Violet, Adelaide, Tallulah, Pepper, Lily, Lydia, Leila, Doshia, Doxie, Riley, Opal (these are all family names!).

Friends of ours went with: Hazel Rose, Calliope (Cal-i-o-pee), Ida, Ruby, Freya, Rose, Minta, Amelia, Emma, Zoe.

Tell him old fashioned names are in! All the girls have old lady names these days, as young ladies, they'll have sensible old fashioned names like "Millicent" that speak of more stability on a resume than say an "Aimee" or a "Mackayla". (Good grief, what are people thinking with these spellings?). And someday, they'll be old ladies with appropriate names.

A Katharine can always be called Kitty, and an Eleanor can be called Ellie. It's as much fun to have a formal name as it is to have a formal name that has a wonderful nickname!



answers from Nashville on

Neverland?? My name is W., that is a neverland name! :o) I like Stella, cute baby name and classy grown up name. Emma is a great basby name and good classy grown up name too. Lilly, Lucy are very cute. Ella, Gabriella, Hadley, Hannah



answers from Boca Raton on

All those are cute if that is what you want to go with. the concept of names of characters who never grow up is great until they actually grow up. for example i love gracie but as a nickname, as long as the real name is grace. sounds much better as an adult. i love classic names too, but 'different' not too outlandish would be better. i love catherine from wuthering heights. tess from the hardy book. or tessa. i love aryanna. so keep looking. when you find i you'll know it's the right one.

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