Baby Names with Biblical Meaning

Updated on November 01, 2006
H.V. asks from Jenison, MI
5 answers

I was wondering if anyone had any decent websites to go to that offers biblical meaning to names that aren't necessarily biblical. If that makes any sense. The ones that I have gone to, only have the biblical names and their meanings. I'm expecting a girl, so I've been looking for biblical meanings to girl names. Thanks everyone!

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answers from Saginaw on

um, biblical names/meanings are names that actually came from the might want to search for "christian meanings" or some other tagline other than biblical. If you get a baby name book from the store they usually tell you if there is a biblical meaning~



answers from Detroit on

H. I got a baby name book but I had already picked out my daughter's name it's SeAnna it means "GOD is with us" so good luck and have a easy labor!!!!!!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I have 3 kids, the oldest (12) we did family names; our next one we did Biblical - Daniel (Daniel and the Lions Den) John - John the Baptist; our last and a girl - Christina Hope - It is through CHRIST that we have HOPE.

I hope this helps.




answers from Detroit on

Congrats on the baby, I'm Due Jan. 25, im having a boy! this is my first. and i think Seanna is a pretty name (suggested below by someone else)

i have a book on biblical names i live in romulus, i already picked out my sons name so if you want to borrow my book let me know,

other ideas, you can always go with, Hope, Faith, Grace, Angel or, Naomi, Mary, Martha, Christina (i cant think of anymore off the top of my head) have you tryed going to yahoo, and searching for Biblical baby names

Go with what name feels right. That is what i did.



answers from Kalamazoo on

My husband and I are into the meaning of a name. We just looked at common baby sites such as and Or put in baby names and do a search for other websites. They all give the meanings and you can sort by girl and look just for biblical/spiritual names. The girls name we picked out is Chaeli (kay-lee) which means "one who is like God." Good luck and have fun!

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