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Ultrasound / Baby Names

J.T. asks from Sheboygan

My husband and I are expecting our 2nd child in Feb. and (for the life of us!) cannot agree on ANY names. I really like unique names.. our first born is Caden (turns ...


Baby Names

J.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I know that picking a baby name is personal preference but thought I would get some opinions anyways.... Our due date is coming up in 3 weeks and we can not decide on...


Baby Names

S.L. asks from Dallas

My little sis is having a baby girl in Jan/Feb. She was talking about names today and gave me a few of their ideas. They want a name for a girl, but nothing to girli...


What Are Your Kids' Names?

J.F. asks from Toledo

The "Cullen" thread got me wondering...Do you care to share the names you chose for you child(ren) and how you settled on them? I have 4 kids. My oldest daughte...


Baby Names

C.K. asks from Indianapolis

What would be a good middle name for a baby boy named Maddox? Or a cute and unique baby girl name?


Need Help with Baby Names

I.B. asks from Los Angeles

I have been trying to have a baby for 2 1/2 years now and i am happy to say that i am finaly having my 3 baby !....i have a 5 & 4 year old. now i cant find a name for...


Need Baby Boy Names

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

My sister and her husband are expecting a baby boy in May. They are having a very hard time agreeing on a name. She likes more modern names and he's more into traditi...


Baby Names (Vent)

N.J. asks from Los Angeles

Surprisingly, unlike my previous two pregnancies, I am totally okay with not having a name picked out until this little guy makes his grand entrance. Albeit, I'm su...


Names for Lost Baby

K.H. asks from Detroit

I have a bit of an unusual question. I was carrying twins and lost one in the 22nd week, it was heartbreaking. The other twin was alive so I had to carry both babie...