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Suggestions for Boy Names

J.T. asks from Kansas City

I am expecting my 2nd baby in late summer. We picked girl names no problem, but are seriously struggling with boy names. We want something that's NOT COMMON, but also...


Baby Names

J.A. asks from Rochester

I am at a loss for a name for our 4th child. I started a "J" trend and reall want to continue it. My oldest is Jeremy, 2nd son is Jayden, daughter Julianna, and los...


Need "A" Names for Both Boy and Girl...?

G.G. asks from Dallas

Middle name for boy would be Joe - name does or does not have to go with 1st name as long as 1st name begins with "A". Middle name for girl would be Ruth - again n...


Names for a Baby Girl!!

K.J. asks from Phoenix

I am Pregnant with my 2nd child,or my 1st daughter!And i am 8 months almost 9.I know all you are like "You have not thought of a name wow"We are busy haha,Yes i know ...


Baby Names

C.L. asks from Knoxville

I need some help we find out the sex of our second child monday and are having trouble finding a name for a girl that we like all of our names start with C mine is C....


Looking for Baby Names Starting with J

J.P. asks from Dallas

My name is J., my husband is Jay (goes by his middle, Travis), my 13 year old is Justin, and we have 2 labs, Jessie, and Jake. Girl names? Boy names? Looking for m...


Any Names for a Baby Girl Name Starting with the Letter A

M.O. asks from Cleveland

hello any baby gilrs names starting with letter A give also the meansinh


What Are YOUR Favorite Names?

L.A. asks from Washington DC

Hi everybody! I know I'm absolutely killing you with all of my name questions lately, so I thought I'd make a fun little thread that everybody can enjoy. I want YOU t...


Baby Names

A.P. asks from Spokane

I feel like I'm bing presured to come up with a name for my daughter. I'm due November 15th and everyone wants to know what I'm naming her. The truth is I don't know....


Need Help Looking for Baby Unique Baby Names Her/him

T.R. asks from Daytona Beach

My sister is having a baby and we don't no if its a boy or girl yet want some ideas now so we can chose the baby's name before he or she is born. She wants a name tha...