Any Names for a Baby Girl Name Starting with the Letter A

Updated on August 31, 2006
M.O. asks from Cleveland, OH
3 answers

hello any baby gilrs names starting with letter A give also the meansinh

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Amaye. It translates to mean the expectation to be loved.

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Well, my name is A. and I believe the meaning is something like Angelic or Angel. I can offer some other names, but don't have the meanings:

Amber Ashley Amanda Ava Alexandria Alexia Annamarie Alena Allie Antonia

I'm trying to think of different names, ones that you don't hear everyday....

Hope I helped!

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answers from Cleveland on

We have Three children and two of them are girls. When I was searching for names I wanted something very original for a girl. I like Irish names a lot and I liked neutral names at the time because although I want my girls to embrace their girlhood, I also want them to be active in sports or to have a level of independance where they know they are complete in themselves. So for my oldest I really liked the name ashton...but what made it click was when I was talkint to a lady on the message boards that was considering using Molly Ashtyn for a name for her baby. Seeing it with the Y really helped make the name femanine. So my oldest is named Ashtyn. Which on one website I have found the meaning as strenght and independant. All other sites just say ash tree. Our middle one is Makenna because her names meaning is my hearts prayer for her father. Her name means Daughter of a wise leader. And my prayer is that my husband will always be a wise leader for our family. hope that helps.

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