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Potty Training!

N.M. asks from Dallas

I'm sure potty training has been covered ad nauseam on here, but it's my turn! I'm on my third little boy, and I never had to use a certain method of training with t...


Potty Training

V.K. asks from Sacramento

Ok I am officially done with diapers and pull ups. I have done cloth diapers and disposibles depending on how stressful my life was at the time and regardless I am d...


Potty Training

A.G. asks from Philadelphia

The age old Toddler dilemma - potty training. My three and a half year old boy is resisting the whole thing. Still wears diapers, and will pee in the potty when pro...


Potty Training

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

Ok, so I just posted a question yesterday...about cloth diapers--that I am starting them soon for my young son. Now I have another topic I need help witn. Potty Tra...


What to Do If the Other Parent Doesnt Want to Be Invovled with Potty Training?

E.A. asks from Dayton

My ex and I are divorced and have a daughter that just turned 2. He's not willing to work together with helping potty training. He's refusing to work with the process...


Potty Training

S.O. asks from Boston

I asked for help with potty training stress. So many great responses. Thank you!


Night Potty Training

D.F. asks from Stockton

my daughter has been doing well going potty at home, do you think it is time to start trying it while we are in public, like if we go shopping? also at what age typic...


Potty Training in Two Households

D.D. asks from Fresno

My son is 26 months old and I'm considering starting potty training. I hesistate because he spends one day a week and every other weekend with his dad......who is not...


Lost Interest in Potty Training

S.V. asks from Reno

My two year old was going strong in potty training. We went on a several day trip and she lost her groove. I don't really want to push it and stress her out. She w...


Potty Training and Sleep Troubles

S.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi mamas, We are potty training our almost 2 & 1/2 year old son and the potty training itself is going very well. The problem is that we are having so much troubl...