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Updated on May 06, 2013
N.M. asks from Euless, TX
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I'm sure potty training has been covered ad nauseam on here, but it's my turn! I'm on my third little boy, and I never had to use a certain method of training with the other two - they both just sort of decided it was time, and in about two days, they had completely transitioned from diapers to underwear (except at night). One trained a month before his third birthday and the other did it about 4 months before his third birthday. So now we're on boy #3, who turned three 2 weeks ago ...we've had a little potty for over a year, and back in October he showed some interest and actually went #1 and #2 in it several times (the first two times were at mom's day out, so I'm pretty sure he was emulating the other kids in class, which was great). Unfortunately, after that he completely lost interest, and since I've always been in the "kids train when they're ready" camp, I didn't stress about it.

Well, now we have summer looming, with swim lessons (he's too old for mom & tot lessons and kids in the preschool class have to be potty trained), a vacation (he doesn't HAVE to be potty trained before we go, but it sure would be nice), and preschool starting in August (which used to seem very far away, but not anymore, at the rate we're going with the potty training). We're on day 3 of the 3 day potty training method, and I'm thinking he's not going to catch on by the end of the day. He's still having lots of accidents, and so far he hasn't told us once that he needed to go. He will go on the potty (after sitting there a long time), but he also has no problem with just going in the undies - and he doesn't even tell us that he's done it. It's like he doesn't know when he's doing it, but surely by age 3 he knows that ...right? We've tried stickers, candy, and even the promise of Chuck E Cheese's. So those of you who have done the 3 day (or 1 day) potty training method, what did you do on day 4? Do we go back to diapers or pull-ups? I can't take him out and about at the rate that he's having accidents, but it seems like going back to diapers just erases any progress we might have made. Or is he the only kid who didn't catch on at the end of the 3 days?

Please advise! Between cleaning up dozens of accidents, being stuck in the house for three days, and just feeling like a total failure, I'm near tears.

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answers from Norfolk on

My son was trained at 3 1/2.
I didn't have to do much (I let daycare take the lead on it).
He'll get it sooner or later but it will be on his schedule and it won't be when you want him to.
Try not to compare him to your other boys.
That they trained easily at around 3 was great, but #3 is his own person and he's got to be different!

I think you need a break from this more than your son does.
If you're that upset (and he's just not getting it), go back to diapers and try again in a few weeks or a month.
Repeat as necessary.
He'll probably have it down by August.
A lot can happen in 4 months.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Is he really busy kid who doesn't want to stop playing to go? My 2nd was like this. This might sound crazy to some, but it worked for us. For this, we used the Wii because he LOVES to play it and we limit it to only special occasions at our house. But you could use the same strategy with a favorite DVD or TV show, or anything he likes to do that has him sitting still for a few minutes.

We put the little potty in front of the Wii. And he was only allowed to play Wii while he sat on the potty. And every 2 hrs or so, he would get to play Wii for 10 minutes while he sat. And sometimes (just by luck at first) he would go while he was there - which of course we all made a big deal about as a reward. After a week or so, once he was going pee on the potty more consistently, we changed the rules just slightly so that he had to sit on the potty first, then he could play Wii for 10 minutes. After a week of that, he only got to play Wii for 10 minutes if there was actually something in the potty after he sat on it. Once he really had it down and was telling us he had to go, THEN we moved the little potty into the bathroom and phased out the Wii.

No, it wasn't a 3-day method of potty training - I tried that and it was a disaster. It was about a month-long potty training method. But, it worked. Oh, and during this time, he was in underpants at home and pullups when we were out, because we couldn't stay home for an entire month while he figured it out.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Each child is different. Don't compare him to your other kids.
No, by 3 they don't know better. Not yet. They are "getting" there.
If you do the 3 day method (which I did),you stay home for those 3 days.
My son was 3 1/2. He had a few accidents.
If you notice he's had a lot to drink, ask him if he has to go to the bathroom & then take him to try.
You can still use the stickers, candy & the promise of Chuck E. Cheese
but those to things seem far off to a child of that age. You need to give
immediate accolades & rewards RIGHT after, directly after success.
So I did the 3 day, stay at home, hv a mini party at the end of each day
w/a little bigger party (just dad, sib & I) at the end of the 3rd day w/a
small toy/prize!
Diapers as night.
Day 4, I let him wear underwear w/my constant vigilance (asking him if he
needed to go potty), some accidents & a diaper at night.
Oh & don't get mad when he has an accident. Quietly say "we need to get
you changed" & don't make a big deal of it. Almost nonchalant.
Take it one day at a time. Try not to stress about your August deadline.
By the way, w/the 3 day method you are supposed to stay home & not
go anywhere. I understand the feeling of being stuck but it was well
worth it & it worked. I did have to run 1 quick errand to the bank so I took
him to the bathroom as soon as we got there for him to pee before I got
in line to conduct my banking business.
Don't put hi back in diapers. Just keep going forward.
Going #2 takes more time & is separate growth/learning process.

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