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Updated on March 12, 2009
V.K. asks from Roseville, CA
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Ok I am officially done with diapers and pull ups. I have done cloth diapers and disposibles depending on how stressful my life was at the time and regardless I am done. Kayla is going to be 28 months old this month and we have done potty training and almost had her trained months before now but have had a lot of stress in the house so she has reverted and doesn't go or refuses to go. Daycare has said that she will go and sit on the potty but won't go in the potty. I would like to take a day off before/after the weekend and try to train her in that time but am not sure that I will have the time since my boss has cancer and will be going in for treatment soon and I have to cover the office while he is out.

I have tried "potty candy" as a reward and sometimes that works. I have tried talking to her about it and asking her all the time if she has to go. She seems to be more likely to go if she is wearing cloth pull ups or undies, so I know that's the way to go.

Right now I work full time and have to take my 15 year old to a "group" every day during the week for 10 weeks. So that takes up a lot of time as well. Our house was taken back by the bank (we rent) so we will have to move in 2-3 months. I am feeling overwhelmed just thinking about life. So should I really pursue the potty training now or wait until things settle down?

Any suggestions?

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answers from Sacramento on

This might work...When my daughter was potty training I put her in a dress with no panties and her favorite shoes. She had about two or three accidents before she got it. She hated the feeling of pee in her shoes and that was what did it. Good luck with everything. You are in my prayers with your whole situation. God Bless!

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V.: First off - YOU GO GIRL! You sound so much like me and it actually overwhelmed me to read what you wrote. I thought I was the only one trying to carry the world and do it all by myself.
Slow down! You will still be in control of everything but you have to give in a little.
Your little one is feeling your stress and the fact that she will sit on the potty and/or knows when she needs to go while wearing pullups, etc., is telling you to let her be. She can do it and you know it but right now the problem is that it isn't fitting into your busy schedule of moving, working for your boss who is ill, handling all the affairs at home, with your other child, etc., etc., Whew. Even you need to step back and that is what she is showing you. You already know she was potty trained and her daycare is telling you she goes and sits. Let that part go. Is there anyone else who can help with the meeting situation either taking your son or picking him up so you can get other things done at that time, or is it a must be there "mom" thing? Start leaning on your friends and immediate family. You may be in the same boat I am but if your husband is not working right now - is there any reason he cannot take your son or spend more time with you getting your affairs under control?
I know I know - it is a hell of a lot easier to do it yourself (that is what I always say) but you will boil over. So before that happens - allow yourself to find just who you can count on. You will be very surprised.
Stay strong but your little one is fine. Let her be and she will respond. Give her that extra hug and kiss and tell her you know she can go potty when she is ready. In the meantime, the pullups work fine for everyone.

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WE had to take away the pull ups also to get our oldest to go in the potty all the time, she was reliant on them.
Why not do a sticker chart for when she does go, and gets a big reward at the end of the month. This way she will want to do it all the time.
W. M.
PS we are in the same moving boat you are,and we own the house. The mortgage company is totally uncoperative, despite the new bill obama just signed, and we are also looking at bankruptcy. Good luck!!!

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Hi V.,
take a deep breath and tell yourself to wait until things aren't as stressful. (my advice) I think potty training can become very stressful for child and parent, it doesn't need any outside influences. When your ready to start again with a stable schedule and when things calm down a bit, look for the book by Dr. Ezzo called Potty Training 1-2-3. I bought mine used on amazon for under $10. I have a stubborn 3 year old who just doesn't have an interest in potty training and this book was recommended to me by numerous mothers who used this and said it was great. It teaches and rewards the child for "staying dry and clean" instead of actually going on the potty. The reward comes every 15 min. or so when the child is still dry. And then when they use the potty, they are praised! So a lot of praising the child with this system.
I hope things settle down and start to look up for you...hang in there my friend!


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realistically, she is still pretty young and accidents or set backs are bound to happen. To think that you can train her in an extra day is also unrealistic. all you can do is stay positive and consistant with her. My daughter and her son live with us, and I understand boys catch on at a little older age, but he is three and really just getting it right now. And I have to tell his mom the same thing. He's not going do it every time. set backs are to be expected. good luck!

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