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Convertible Seats: Cosco Scenera Vs. Evenflo Chase

I need to buy two carseats (for my 3 year old so that the britax marathon can be used by my 1 year old). I don't have the $ to buy two additional marathons so I am looking for safety, value, and comfort. Anyone out there have had experience with these two models mentioned? thanks so much!


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Which Britax Is Best?!

Hi Moms! I was wondering if I could get some opinions from you all... My daughter has officially outgrown her infant car seat (about time - she is 19 months old!! haha). So my husband and I are going to buy a new one this weekend. We have already decided for sure that we want a Britax, problem is I don't know which one. I am leaning on 3 different models; the Regent, the Decathlon, and the Marathon. I like that the Regent has the highest weight limit, but it sits up so straight that my daughter might not be comfortable when she falls...