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Updated on January 20, 2011
J.A. asks from Broomfield, CO
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I'm looking for more resources to locate upcoming vendor shows that accept Home Party Sales companies. The site I am most familiar with is www.missouriartsandcrafts.com, but I feel that there must be other resources out there that I am missing. They don't have anything up for 2010 yet, which suprises me with Valentine's Day and Mother's Day events that should be popping up for the spring. Does anyone have other sites or events to share?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the advice! I'm a lia sophia advisor in the St. Louis area and was trying to get ideas for more resources to direct my team members too in case they find themselves in need of generating more booking leads. I did find that there are events listed on craigslist too, but was curious if there are any other general sites I should be checking out. I wish I could take advantage of the Christmas Bazaars and such myself, but I'm due with my second child anytime in the next two weeks!

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I had no idea there was any site where you could list your event! Thanks for sharing that. I belong to two different networking groups that meet monthly and through those have found a wealth of information about online networking etc. Someone is always looking for vendors to participate in shows or to advertise them to friends so people show up to the event. I'm not sure where you are or if your looking to participate in the events or just go for all the great deals but you might consider finding a local networking group - see if they have a website because more than likely they will advertise their events on the site.



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We are setting up our first Home-Based Business Expo in Lebanon IL on April 9, 2011. We are looking for unusual business opportunities to showcase their wares at our show. Anybody interested? Go to Facebook: Lebanon Event Solutions and download the application. There will also be another one on October 29, 2011 called the Chili Cook-off - want to be a vendor? Get your applications in soon. Lots of opportunities exist for possible sales and new vendors!



answers from Kansas City on

I'm not sure if this meets what you need, but www.festivalnet.com is a website that lists festivals, craft shows and fairs all over the country. It's free, but you can buy an annual membership to get ratings and reviews from other vendors who have been to the shows. Good luck!



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Thank you for sharing this!! I am excited to see the responses! I work with an environmental company that produces non-toxic personal care and household items. All I do is set up accts. for them. I don't actually have to do parties, although I can if I want! Vendor fairs would be a great way to show off some if their awesome stuff! Thanks again and good luck to you!!

D. S



answers from Springfield on

I check out the local events calendars on radio and television websites.
What business are you with?



answers from Columbia on

Hey there, I sell Tastefully Simple, sometimes we do events our next one is 12/4 at the Pizza Hut on Clark lane in Columbia, we post it on FB. Do you sell something?? If you know vendors, ask them what events they do?? We are still looking for a couple of people at ours.



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Keysor Elementary School in Kirkwood is having a Holiday Bazaar on December 1st. Registration is $40 to help raise $ for a new, inclusive play area. Call Bianca at ###-###-#### for info.

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