Elementary School: Child

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Adult Church Service for 6 Year Old

Our church is going to limit nursery care to children 5 and under during adult church service. I am concerned that some of the topics that are brought up in the adult sermon would be disturbing to my 6 year old son. At what age is a child mature enough to handle adult sermons?

First Grade

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5 Year Old Trying to Get into 1St Grade

My son is 5 years old and will be 6 Oct. 19th. He recently graduated from Kid's Kampus' Private Kindergarten program in Naperville. I am trying to get him into 1st grade and am having trouble because of his late birthdate. I tried ot get him into the public elementary school near me (Longwood Elementary in Naperville), but they want to put him back in Kindergarten. I really do not want to put him back in Kindergarten due to the fact that hee was in a all day Kindergarten, and do not want to put him back in the same grade for 2 1/2 hours a...

Fourth Grade

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Fourth Grade Daughter and Sex Education

My daughter is in fourth grade. I have bought her a very good book all about "growing up". It is very well written and exactly what I wanted. It is called "It's Perfectly Normal." My husband and I are very open people, meaning that when our children come to us with a question about sex, we are honest and truthful with them. We have always been this way and want to continue to be this way. My question is...when should I give my daughter this book? I don't want her to learn this stuff from her friends or school first. I want my...


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Websites for 6 Year Old

I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. I am looking for some suggestions for websites that are age appropriate. We already go on Playhouse Disney and PBS. Are there other free websites for my children to visit?


Moody 5 Year Old

Around the time my daughter started school, her moods have changed. She went...


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Looking for an Excellent Pre-K in the Northland

My daughter currently goes to daycare fulltime but, I don't think they are challenging her enough academically. She misses the cut off here in Missouri by just a few days so she won't be attending Kindergarten this year. I need recommendations for a good Pre-K that will challenge her more. Thanks...

Second Grade

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Retaining Child in Second Grade.

My son is 7 years old, very young for second grade (born in August 16). He also has ADD. For many reasons the school, my husband and I decided that it will be better for him to stay another year in second grade, but he doesn't want to stay another year. WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE HIM HAPPY ABOUT STAYING ANOTHER YEAR IN SECOND GRADE?? (By the way, he doesn't want to move to another school).


2Nd Grade Books

Hello! I am a 2nd grade teacher, always looking to add new books to my...


2Nd Grade Workbooks

Hi Ladies, My son is now in first grade and last week tested into the...


Skipping a Grade

My son is in second grade, and he is advanced in math and reading at a 5th...

Third Grade

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3Rd Grade and 4Th Grade

i live in wisconsin and my son is having issues in 3rd grade. i had a meeting today with his teacher and the principal and the principal informed me that it is the school decision if my child should be held back. a parent doesn't have the say. does any one know the answer to this question??


Skipping a Grade

My son is in second grade, and he is advanced in math and reading at a 5th...


3Rd Grade STINKS!

My daughter sailed through k-2 like it was play time. Now in 3rd grade she...