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Updated on January 10, 2012
S.M. asks from Omaha, NE
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My almost 7 year old daughter loves to listen to music on my husband's Ipod. She has asked for one for christmas. I am not good at technology, so I don't know much about Ipods or other options out there. Is an Ipod age appropriate for her, or is there something else that would be a good music player for her? I know that portable CD players seem to be on the out! I have to step into the 21st century! Help me! What is the best option for her?

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answers from Milwaukee on

I agree get an MP3 player..the Sandisk Sansa much cheaper and a lot more memory than an equivalent ipod. My daughter lost two ipods before she was 14.

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answers from Provo on

Get an Ipod. They are soo much easier to use then others. I've tried every cheap and expensive ones out there. I finally bought a touch for me and a nano for my brother (he loaned me money so I payed him back and then got him ipod for christmas as a thank you) Both he and i LOVE them. Plus why would you want more software on your computer for the same music? I would get and Ipod just for the one program on your computer. Say if you get the Microsoft Zune then you have to use the Window Media player and save the music in the Media player there so it take up twice up space. Ipod. Do it.

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answers from Duluth on

I got the Sandisk Sansa from my husband for Christmas when I asked for an iPod two years ago. He and I both spent a year trying to figure it out and make it work...and I got him an iPod the next Father's Day. When he figured out how much easier to use the iPod was, he got me my own iPod for Christmas the next year. I'm not tech savvy at all, but I think you can buy a pretty inexpensive iPod that's basic for a 7 year old. I guess when I buy things like that for my kids, I take into consideration what I'm willing to lose and what they stand to gain: my kids love to take photos, but they're rough with things...so they got a cheap but basic camera--but we did spend enough to not have it break, and enough that it would stand up to kids' wear and tear. If your daughter is rough on things, maybe wait a year...but with appropriate guidelines (not taking it to school, for example), an iPod could be great for her.



answers from Minneapolis on

I asked my husband for an ipod a few years ago for Christmas. He got me the Sandisk Sansa MP3 player instead while he bought himself the ipod. I reluctantly decided to keep it, and thought I'd give it a try. I never did get it at all. I ended up giving it away (with all the loaded music on it) on Freecycle a year later. Then last Christmas I asked for the ipod and have been very happy with it. Easy to use, easy to download music and very easy to use, find the song I'm searching for too.



answers from Boston on

What about an ipod shuffle. Its only $50. It holds 2G that should be plenty for a 7 year old.



answers from Detroit on

An ipod (or Apple product) for sure. A nano is as cheap as a cheapish mp3 player, but with much better quality/usability. Most importantly, I would get a good set of headphones... they have some specifically for children (you can find on the web)... there are made with safe volume controls, so kids can't turn them up to unsafe levels... and they fit a kids head better, without having to use the earbuds (that stick inside of the ears). My husband gets the newest technology every 6 months (drives me crazy at times!!)... but as a result, my almost 5 year old daughter uses my itouch or his iphone, our computers, etc. We have kid games, music, videos, you name it! It has come in handy quite a bit! My daughter is too young to actually be responsible for these items though, but when we allow her to use it, she navigates around on it just fine and without assistance. If you have an Apple store near you, I would go in there and check the different things out... they are very helpful and they do not work on commission. The products sell themselves really... just get informed about what is out there, etc. They even have classes at their store to help people "step into the 21st century" sort of speak! lol! In any case... good luck!



answers from Augusta on

we got our kids 6 and 9 yrs old ,Sandisk Sansa music players they love them. Got them on sale. They work exactly like the ipod, have the screen , the little dial , everything.
I would not buy an ipod for a 7 yr old they want way too much for them.
They don't only play music they also play videos, record, do pictures ,and have a radio.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I wouldn't get her an iPod. They are pretty pricey for a 7 year old to have. I would just get an mp3 player. You can find them at Best Buy for pretty cheap. Most of them are compatible with iTunes (which is what you use to load songs onto the iPod). That way if she breaks it, you're not out the cost of the iPod.

This is totally a side note: Make sure that she is listening to the music at an appropriate volume. Too loud music, especially music from the tiny ear buds, can damage young ears. I've heard that noise cancelling headphones are the best way to listen to things like mp3 players.



answers from Minneapolis on

I think an ipod shuffle would be appropriate for her. They are only $50, easy to use and you don't have to worry about internet access, videos, etc. I do NOT recommend the Sandisk Sansa MP3 player in my opinion. We got one for my son when he was about 8. We never did fully figure out how to use it and ended up getting the ipod shuffle for him. The MP3 is still sitting in a drawer some where! The ipods make it very easy to download music, etc. My mom's shuffle even ended up in water very briefly and survived.



answers from Chicago on

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answers from Victoria on

My 5 year old loves music too. She inherited her father's ipod when he got his iphone 4. I didn't feel comfortable just handing over such an expensive piece of equipment to her nor was i thrilled with her using headphones that often, so I bought her an ipod player that sits high on a shelf that she can not reach with the ipod. What she gets is the remote to the player where she can control volume songs etc..... It works for our family. She guards that remote with her life too btw cause we explained that without it, she won't have music! My daughter has roughly over 700 songs!! Mostly music, but some stories and some are voice memos i recorded. She needs to learn her prayers as we are catholic and i slipped them in and surprisingly, she can recite them by heart now along with the pledge of allegience. LOL, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do......Hee Hee hope this helps you..



answers from Minneapolis on

An iPod Nano or Shuffle would be appropriate for a 7 year-old. I'm planning to get one for my 8 year-old daughter this year for Christmas - I have a Shuffle, but have heard great things about the Nano. I like the suggestion of kid-friendly head phones and/or a player for her shelf, either would help her enjoy her music without the possibility of hurting her ears.

If you get her a different MP3 player, none of the music you own will be in the right format for the MP3 player to use and you would have to have two separate software applications and two music libraries on your computer - this would end up being more expensive. And the iPods are so easy to use.


answers from Sharon on

Go to your local Wal*mart or local dollar general cuz my mom got me an mp3 player for like 40 dollars and it lasted for years it even go washed and dried and still worked



answers from Pittsburgh on

definitely get her an IPOD nano or something similiar if not in your budget. At that age they don't need the full blown Ipod-they don't know enough songs to fill it.

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