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Introducing a Bottle or Exclusive Breastfeeding

My little man is almost 7 weeks old and I am trying to decide if I want to introduce a bottle. I had serious latch issues with my daughter so that by the time I tried to introduce a bottle to her, she refused every single one. So pros and cons to using bottles vs. exclusive breastfeeding? I'm hesitant to introduce a bottle mostly because of the special bond created by exclusive breastfeeding. I also can wait 10 months to date my hubby, as we will have another 30-40 years to do that, and I can't get back these 10 months of my baby...

Eating Loss of Interest

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Breast to Bottle!!!

I recently had a baby and she is now 7 weeks old, she is nursing and on occasion she had taken a bottle. For the past two weeks she refuses to take a bottle and my Maternity leave will soon be ending. I need some suggestions to get her to take a bottle. I am suplmementing with breast milk, she doesnt seem to like the formula. to make matters worse my husband and his family are making me feel bad about exclusively nursing. Any suggestions?


Baby Refuses Bottle

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to help my baby "like" the...