Beginner's Feeding Schedule.

Updated on March 18, 2008
P.H. asks from Spring, TX
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My 4 onth old is about to start solids. How do I introduce them and what is a usual feeding schedule once you begin? For instance do I give a bottle when they wake up and then a couple hours later give cereal, later another bottle, and then some jar food? Please let me know how you started your little ones on the road to baby foods. Thank you so much.

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answers from New Orleans on

I do agree with margaret, drs say starting at 6 months with solids is best. But the baby cereal (rice, mixed, oatmeal, etc.) can be started at 4 months. The box gives you guidelines for how much to mix with the formula or BM.

I have a 5 1/2 month old and he started cereal mixed with formula in a bowl with a bottle to wash it down after every couple of spoons. He usually wants at least half of the bottle after eating. It will take a while to get past the thrusting ( pushing the food out with the tongue) but the more you offer during the day the more expert the baby becomes to chewing and swallowing. He was thrusting a month ago, now he is doing better with keeping the food in. Just don't mix too thick. The consistency of the baby food in the jar, like potatoes-sweet or mashed is what works for my baby.

Good feeding!-I offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner and put the remainder in the bottle with a decent sized nipple hole to finish. I just started adding applesauce and pears on the side with the cereal.

Dr's recommend 6 months for the baby food too, but I always started a couple of weeks early introducing a different #1 jar baby food every couple of weeks to rule out allergies. (I have 6 children)



answers from Houston on

I agree with the others that it may be a bit early for solids. I know my son refused solids until he was about 8 mos old. Our pediatrician advised 6mos as well. If it is because milk/formula is not fillling him up enough, then you definitely want to start with the rice or oatmeal cereal mixed with formula. I would suggest to only use it once a day. If you are trying to get him to sleep through the night, you may want to feed him the cereal in the evening followed by a few ounces of formula/milk.

Let baby set your schedule, feed him when he is hungry. That is what worked for me.



answers from Houston on

Is there a reason for starting the solids this early? My kiddo didnt really establish eating solids regularly until she was around 9 months. I even think most Doctors suggest at least waiting until 6 months.
Having said that, what I did was offer a little cereal when baby wakes. Then when they are "through" with that (depending on if they are even interested or not) then give a bottle. Then at lunch, same thing. Give a little food, let them decide how much or little to eat, then a bottle. etc, etc,.
This is ONLY MY OPINION, I do not push my daughter to eat. Some people do. That is their opinion. I feel like it creates unnecessary conflict. If they are being BF or on formula, the solids arent for sustaining life. They are experimental. I have fun with it. I dont get upset. My motto is " if she eats , she eats, if she dont, she dont!!!'



answers from Houston on

Although a lot of people and most doctors will disagree with me, this is the way me and everyone I know did it. Rice cereal and oatmeal mixed with fruit for breakfast after they wake up. An hour or so later give a couple ounces of formula. Lunch time: I would mix rice cereal with veggies first. After they get used to veggies then go to meats, then meals when you start the meals, cut out the rice), ect. Then a few hours later, give formula. Then for dinner, repeat what you did for lunch. Then before bed, formula. I started my daughter on everything early. She got cereal at 2 weeks old and was on fruits at 2 1/2 months and by 4 months, she was eating all stage 1 baby foods. We started actual solid food at 6 months old.



answers from Austin on

I also have a 4 month old, he's drinking too many bottles, according to our doctor, so its been recommended we start solids too. I was told to give a bottle first thing in the morning. Then before the next feeding, when he starts to act a little hungry, try some cereal although since its new I was told not to expect him to actually eat much at first (its a learning process) and then give a bottle after trying cereal each time throughout the day, except after a nap when he's more hungry.

Good luck...we're in the same boat if you want to compare stories later. :)



answers from Houston on

I think 4 months is too early to start solids unless your doctor has told you otherwise. But, if they have, then what I used to do (my daughter is 2 now, so this was awhile ago), was to give a bottle in the morning when she first woke up and then at the next feeding time (or a little before so she wasn't starving) I would offer the cereal. It has to be pretty runny at first so that they don't choke and they will more than likely push it out of their mouth, especially that young, because they still have their thrust reflex. The first couple of times, you'll be lucky to get 2 spoonfuls in, but keep trying and they'll get it. When you're done with the cereal, then give a bottle so that they can top off to finish that feeding. I did cereal 3 times per day when we started. Breakfast (which was actually the second feeding around 9-10am), lunch and then dinner. Again, I would check with your pediatrician to make sure it's okay to start solids this early, but if you have their blessing, then go for it and have fun!



answers from McAllen on

I started with rice cereal first, of course the kiddos don't like the taste so I mixed just alittle bit of bananas with it. I always tried to feed the cereal first, then if he refused then I would give a bottle. It just takes a little time because they're not used to the texture and taste of solids. As you progress always try to give vege's first because if you give them the sweet stuff like fruits then they'll prefer the sweet stuff and refuse the vege's. Hope this info helps!!


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