Eating Habits & Schedule: Toddler, Luv

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My 20 Month Old Son Still Needs a Bottle at Bed Time.

My 20 month old Son, still demands a bottle at bed time and ONLY at bed time. He takes a sippy cup all day long. He does not get or request a sippy cup at nap time during the day. Only at night does he have a complete melt down until he gets his bottle. He has started waking up twice a night asking from "more". We give him water in is bottle, but I am worried that we are going backwards. I am not sure if I should throw the bottles away and go cold turkey or if I should let him keep is night time bottle. I am concerned that he will not be...

Nighttime Feedings

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Sleeping Through the Night

Can anyone give me some tips on how to get my 4 month old son to sleep through the night. He still wakes up at 2 in the morning for a feeding. HELP!!


How Much Baby Food?

I don't know how much my 8 month old should be eating. 1 jar of baby food a...