Putting My Baby on a Schedule

Updated on November 30, 2009
N.S. asks from Panama City, FL
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My son is almost 4 months. (by the way, he already got two bottom teeth, i was so excited:-)). We have problems with going to bed the same time every day. And he always cry, when i start putting him to sleep. I would rock him, sing to him, pet him, but nothing seems working. Unless he cry it out he would go to sleep. But he wouldn't want to do anything else and look sleepy. may be i should put him on a sleeping schedule and teach him to go to sleep the certain time every day? How many naps should baby have during the day? and what is the best way putting him on a schedule? can anyone suggest something, please?

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answers from Tampa on

My daughter is almost 7 mos. old and I could never get her on a schedule- she eats when she is hungry and sleeps when she is tired...I think some babies aren't made for schedules!

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answers from Orlando on

Try Babywise. It's a great book for scheduling.

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answers from Tallahassee on

It's hard to schedule a baby. Their needs change a lot, get more hungry from growth spurts, etc. But if you want to get consistant with bed time, try a book called The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. It's better than leaving them to cry it out, which can be very draining for baby, to say the least.

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answers from Miami on

Babies & Kids thrive when on a schedule - no a rigid one - but a smart one. I learned the hard way - we made so many mistakes the first time around! I read a short article in a magazine one day about this book and then bought it and it changed my life: Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West. I was not a fan of the cry-it-out method, nor the hold my baby and/or rock her until she was asleep method, so I tried Kim West's "Sleep Lady Shuffle", as described in her book and it changed my life!

First of all, the book is an easy read and the best part is that it is split up into sections addresing various "issues", so it's important to read the first chapter or two, but then skip to the chapter involving your particular issue. The technique does involve crying, but you're actually in the room with the child, so it's not so heart-wrenching. The best part - it works! I did it with my first at around 11 months and with #2 at around 6 months and they are the best sleepers - every mom friend of mine can't believe how good we have it at bed time. Perhaps some was luck, but I credit "Good Night, Sleep Tight" and recommend it to everyone! You can sign up for her newsletter on her website, too, which comes only about once a month and has great tips - www.thesleeplady.com. The book, "Good Night, Sleep Tight" has been revised and expanded and the new one is being released the end of December, but if you can't wait, rest assured, the previous one (the one I have) it great! Sorry this ended up being so long - I'm passionate about this because we went from a terrible situation with my first to such a great situation after I purchased this book and I love to tell people about it!

At 4 months old, your baby should be napping at least twice a day, but what's most important is the total number of sleep hours in the 24 hour day - I don't recall what it is for a 4 month old off-hand. Kim West's book also discusses getting your child on a schedule.

Best of luck, I hope I helped a little!


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answers from Miami on

Dear N.,
Have you tried mixing in a little of First Stages fruit into his bottle when you need him to nap? His tummy may be hungry, which causes him to communicate the only way he knows how- crying. My son did the same; and when I started adding some fruit, then a little cereal ect., he was able to sleep peacefully and he is now 21 and he is Perfectly healthy and fit! He's a recently retired U. S. Marine! Plus my son has always made me proud and happy! I am sure your son will do the same! God bless you all.
Kathy N.



answers from Mayaguez on

At 4 months he should be having two naps, one in the morning and then another one around 2:00pm, depending of the time he wakes up in the morning. But first am feeding, changing diapers, burping, mommy cuddling, talking, playing, should have him ready for first nap. Same thing after bathing, feeding, etc in the afternoon. Routines are what signal time to sleep.



answers from Punta Gorda on

Hi N.,

I agree that routines are sensible, and creating schedules is not often a good idea with someone so young. I always followed our kids' lead when it came to naps, feeds, nighttime awakening. They always cry for a reason, and while you can't always help solve the problem, you can always be there as a support.



answers from Miami on

By 4 months he should already be showing signs of a schedule. Most wake around 7 and are ready for nap by 9-9:30, then about 2- 2/12 hours after he wakes up another nap and then 2- 2 1/2 hrs after that, he naps again then in bed by 7:30 or so at night. Soon he will be down to two good naps a day and then a little over a yr they go to one long nap mid day. Sleep increases the baby's ability to learn and retain information. Very important to let him comfort himself, even if it means crying to settle down for a few minutes because he is blowing off steam. There is nothing wrong with that, babies have done it for centuries.



answers from Fort Myers on

Congrats on your baby getting some teeth, it is exciting! I would recommend "The Baby Whisperer". It talks alot about how to get your baby on a good routine and a guideline on how much sleep and food they need at different stages of their life.



answers from Orlando on

I agree with Laura H
ROUTINE is much more important (and different) than SCHEDULE. Babies have no idea what time it is, but they DO know when they are hungry and when they are tired.
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer is the book I recommend. Changed my life with baby #3!!!!!!



answers from Miami on

ROUTINES are what you can aim for...
and FOLLOW your baby's lead- your baby knows what his 'schedule' should be :)

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