3 Month Old Breastfeeding Schedule

Updated on May 05, 2011
L.H. asks from Livonia, MI
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Hello fellow mom's! I have a precious baby boy that just turned 3 months that I am exclusively breastfeeding. I just returned to work part time and I am pumping while at work. My question is how much or how often does your 3 month old nurse or feed from a bottle and how much does he or she drink at a time? He is growing and at the 50% per the charts so he is healthy but he only drinks 2 - 3 ounces every 2 1/2 hours and I feel like that isn't that much? The doctor says he is healthy and I know that is what matters but it seems most breastfed babies this age are eating at least 4 oz every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Also, what is your bedtime routine and what time do you usually feed him/her last for the night to go to bed? With a 3 year old at home we don't have much of a routine for our 3 month old and I would like to get better at it but I am not sure what time he should go to bed. 8:00 or 10:00? Just wondering what other mom's do. Thanks!

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answers from Washington DC on

Actually, that sounds about what my DD was taking at daycare when she was about 14 weeks old, the 2-2.5 ounces. Nurse on demand at home and take his lead at daycare. I think a lot of breastfed babies are overfed because people think they need as much as their formula-fed counterparts. I fed my daughter all night so at that age we didn't have a schedule for her.

Kellymom.com has good info for bottlefeeding. Remember, their tummies are really quite small at that age.

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answers from Detroit on

Good for you for being a breastfeeding working mama! You'll never regret the little extra this costs you. I'd let your son lead on scheduling. He'll be growing at various rates and need more milk sometimes, less other times. Also, he may be getting a lot from you when you're home. Most moms find that it's best to nurse on demand while they're home and that keeps up the baby's weight and your milk supply. I don't think you can effectively schedule a small infant's bedtime - just go with the flow. He'll be bigger and less dependent before you know it! Keep up the good work! Also, don't worry so much about what other moms do. If he's gaining and growing and has plenty of wet and poopy diapers, it's all good!



answers from Detroit on

My kids only drank that much from the bottle. Just follow his lead. He might go through a growth spurt and all of a sudden want 4oz, and then back to 2oz. It seems like once you figure out what they want, they change it to keep you on your toes. ;)

Our kids went to bed by 7pm every night and sometimes that seemed a strech to make it that late. They'll adjust to your schedule, so if you get home late and want some baby time, adjust accordingly. I do believe more sleep = more sleep, so personally I wouldn't wait until 10pm. He might end up waking up more because he's overtired.
Best of luck.



answers from Detroit on

The amount your baby is taking is right on target. Breastfed babies don't take the same amount as babies that receive formula. Let your baby determine how much to take. As for bedtime, do whatever time works for everyone and still makes sure everyone is well rested. My little ones tended to go more toward 10. It was after everyone else went to bed. They'd nurse a bunch and then be asleep. Hope this helps.



answers from Denver on

Hi L.. My baby is now 5 months old, but I can remember back (hopefully!) to 3 months ago. He nursed every 2-3 hours and since I've been back at work I try to pump every 3 hours. When I pump for 15 minutes I get 4-6 ounces so I assume that's about what he eats when he nurses - so when we bottle-feed him he gets 4-5 ounces. So I would say for a 3-month old, anywhere from 3-5 ounces a feeding is fine. Some babies like to "snack" and eat less at more frequent intervals. If it seems like this is what he's doing I would just have smaller bottle amounts to offer him. Try giving him 2 ounces and if he's hungry again in a couple hours just give him another 2. At that age it's best just to nurse/feed him when he wants it. He'll get into a more set schedule as he gets older so don't worry! He also is probably getting more from nursing and may prefer that to a bottle - so he may be "catching up" when he nurses

For bedtime, I feed my baby at about 7:30/8:00 and he's usually out after that. Sometimes he will wake up at 9 or 10 and want a "top-off" and then goes right back to sleep. Again, I just go by his queues.

hope that helps, good for you for breastfeeding and pumping at work! I know how much it sucks! ;-)

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