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Removing Bottle from 14 Month Old

We successfully removed the binkie from my daughter at 13 months, and now I want to get rid of the bottle. I realize now why Moms say they go from breastfeeding straight to sippy cups. My daughter is hooked. The difference between the bottle and the binkie is that I could let her cry when she wanted the binkie, but I can't get her to drink milk out of any other cup besides the bottle. I give her a sippy cup with milk in it at every meal and she will have nothing to do with it. If I try to give her a sippy cup instead of the bottle she...


Breast to Bottle

My son will be 4 months old at the end of this month. I (with the help of...

Eating Loss of Interest

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Breast to Bottle

Hi Everyone! I'm knew to mamapedia and so excited to be a part of it. My daughter is 8 months old and absolutely refuses to take a bottle. She has actually gone 8 hours without eating because I wasn't there to breastfeed!!! It could be formula, breast milk, or water, cold, hot or room just doesn't matter. We have tried 3 different brands of bottles, and multiple people trying to feed her. When she was little she would drink breast milk from a bottle and then around 5 1/2 months she started refusing the bottle. She...


Baby Refuses Bottle

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to help my baby "like" the...


My Son Won't Nurse

My son is 9 weeks old and this past week, he stopped nursing. He will nurse...

Frequency & Amount

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Feeding, Sleeping and Schedule for Twins

We are proud parents of twins who are nine weeks old. The last week or two they have become more fussy and life has become a little more challenging. My request would apply to many topics including feeding, sleeping, twins, and the importance of scheduling. Our major problem now is fussiness that we believe is from gas and constipation. Yesterday we started them on a prescription stool softener. We are hopeful this will help. The twins are mainly fussy in the evening which leads our doctor's nurse to believe we may be dealing with...