Eating Habits & Schedule: Toddler, Nuby

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Removing Bottle from 14 Month Old

We successfully removed the binkie from my daughter at 13 months, and now I want to get rid of the bottle. I realize now why Moms say they go from breastfeeding straight to sippy cups. My daughter is hooked. The difference between the bottle and the binkie is that I could let her cry when she wanted the binkie, but I can't get her to drink milk out of any other cup besides the bottle. I give her a sippy cup with milk in it at every meal and she will have nothing to do with it. If I try to give her a sippy cup instead of the bottle she...


Weaning from Bottle

My son is 1 year old and was a breastfeeding baby up until 11 months old. ...

Eating Loss of Interest

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7 Month Old Refuses to Eat from Bottle

I have a 7 month old daughter who will not eat from a bottle. I have been breastfeeding. Up until about 2 months ago, she would occasionally eat a bottle of pumped milk fed to her by her dad or grandma. Now, she absolutely refuses. I was gone all day yesterday, and she went without milk for 12 hours because she wouldn't eat from the bottle. We did start feeding her some solids in the past couple months, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it. It seems like she forgot how to eat from the bottle. She will kind of chew the...


Breast to Bottle?

I have breastfed my daughter since she was born. She is now 9 months old and...

Nighttime Feedings

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Need Help Weening Night Feedings

I am the mother of a 10 1/2 month old baby girl. I have been nursing her the whole time. I am trying to find a way to ween her from night feedings. I feed her dinner (baby food and oatmeal) and nurse her before she goes to bed at night. Then she always wakes up once or twice at night to nurse again. It's like when she wakes up I try to just give her her pacifier and pat her back back to sleep, but she screames until i nurse her. I know that it is a habit for her and she can't be hungry. I am hoping to find ways to get her out of this...


Weaning 12 Month Old

I am trying to wean my exclusively breastfed child and would like any advice...


NO Bottle at Night

My Daughter is going to be a year old in a couple of days, The last couple...