Disrespect & Disobedience: Baby Einstein

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Coming When Called

okay how do i get my son to come to me when i call him to change his diaper? i have long ago abandoned the changing table/bed idea, he is 19 1/2 months and 32 lbs - the floor works best for us! so i have my little changing "area" in the corner of the livingroom, and my little changing "tub" with my diapers, changing pad, wipes, lotions, etc, and if he sees me down on the floor near that tub, he will NOT come to me. i have to physically go over to him and either lead him (if i'm lucky) or drag/carry him to the changing spot. it would make...


Strong Minded Child

I need HELP! I have a 15 month old little terror.She is my first child. She...