Disrespect & Disobedience: Puppets

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Theatre Manners (Live and Movies)

Last night I brought my six year old to see the stage production of the Lion King. It was absolutely amazing and I am so glad we went! It is the first show of that scale that he has attended and the longest at nearly 3 hours. I had several conversations with him about manners, emphasizing that the theatre is a very special place, people pay a lot to be there, and we need to be respectful of the actors and others who put on the production. You may clap and of course laugh, but no talking while the lights are down AT ALL. So we arrived,...


UnHappy 5Yr Old

I have son that is 5yr. He seems to be out of controll. He his agrumentive...

Acting Up

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I Hate "Boy Stuff" - Bad Mom?

Ask anyone - I am the froofiest, girly-est, pinkest GIRL you could ever imagine. So for me to have a BOY shocked everyone! I've been pretty good about it, but it's been wearing on me since Christmas with the addition of all of the "big boy toys". So here's my CONFESSION: I don't know how to play with trucks. I don't like to play trains. I hate to put Geo-Trax together. I'm tired of watching Thomas. I want to watch Cinderella and paint fingernails. I want to buy dresses and glittery shoes. I want to shop in the girls department...


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What to Do About the Bully

My daughter has had a problem with a certain girl at school for 2 years now. They are both in 2nd grade. I have talked to the principle about the issues and thought it had been resolved but the little girl keeps seeking my daughter out to make fun of her clothes, hair, shoes etc... The problem is is that the little girls mom is an employee at the school. The little girl was suppose to get detention but that some how slipped through the cracks and she never did serve it and she knows it. She tells my daughter that all her mom has to do is...



I took my 3.1 yo to the local library to participate in their storytelling...


Is Your Kid a Bully?

It seems like everyone thinks there kid(s) are not bullies. I know we'd...

Clothing & Makeup

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2.5 Year Old Girl Who Is NEVER Quiet and Changes Her Outfit Throughout the Day.

How do you teach a very smart and articulate two and a half year old to shut her mouth ?!? She is fine going to time out but will sit and sing, loudly. She always sings or talks. I never went through the major temper tantrum phase because she could articulate her feelings. That was great, but now the articulating won't stop. How something so small can be so loud is incredible. She also changes her clothes all the time. She'll have a dress a skirt some shorts and a shirt all on at the same time. Thats only one outfit of the day. UGH!!! ...



I took my 3.1 yo to the local library to participate in their storytelling...


Having Friends Over?

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel...

Hygiene Issues

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Bath Time Troubles

My daughter is almost 15 months old and hates taking a bath. I have changed her bathing routine several times to try to make her enjoy it more. This started many months ago before she was a year old (about 10 months old). She didn't like her baby sling thing... so I took her out of it and put her in the tub... but then she would try to crawl around or stand up in the tub and end up almost falling... so I got a baby bath tub seat that connects to the side of the tub so she wouldn't fall. Then she threw a tantrum in the seat (after a few...


Play Time in the Bath

How long do you let you kids play in the bath? My husband lets our almost 3...


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Just Informed My Son Is "Hyperactive" or "High Energy"

I just attended my son's kindergarten parent/teacher conference. He is 5, almost 6 years old. Only a few minutes into the meeting, his teacher mentioned he was "hyperactive". During the rest of the meeting, she used the term "high energy". Academically, he is right where he should be. I have always known my son is very active, he plays hard. There are also alot of times when he is content to play with his action figures in his room or out back for long periods of time. He can make leaves and even Halloween candy "action figures" and...


Does Anyone Know?

OK i have a 4 year old that does not shut up. I am talking about when he is...

Not Listening

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Best Responses for "No!"

My daughter is 2 1/2 and is, of course, testing all the boundaries. I have been good about discipline and redirecting, but feel a little stumped when it comes to her defiance when I ask her to "Come here, or Come with me, or stand by me, etc." When she says "No" and goes the opposite direction or roots herself to one spot, I don't know what to do. It seems like going to get her or chasing after her everytime just promotes the defiance, but she doesn't seem to respond to anything else. I don't like getting mad, and when I do, I don't...