Depression: Child

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6 Year Old Boy/ ADHD

My 6 year old boy is loving, caring, sweet and smart but is having a lot of issues in Kindergarten with focus, consentration and aggressive behavior that seems to be escalating. Has anyone tried an herbal formula (synaptol) vs. drugs. I am desperately looking for the right thing to help my son.


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Need Anti-depressant Again? (Edited-see What Happened)

The past month or two I haven't been myself. My husband says I'm not happy and I'm tired all the time. Which I agree with. I have NO energy. People at work are also asking me what's wrong saying that I'm more withdrawn than usual. My family has been under quite a bit of financial stress lately and I think that has a bit to do with it. I was on Zoloft for a year to help with my migraines but it made me feel numb and emotionless to everything. I changed birth controll pills a few months ago and was able to wean off my Zoloft. My...

While Pregnant

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Pregnancy and Depression

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been taking Zoloft 100mg for about 4 months now. My OB, who did not prescribe the Zoloft but knows I am taking it, wanted me to wean off of it. I cut back to 50mg about a week ago and I am starting to feel miserable, lonely, sad, irritable and some of the other more mild yet very annoying symptoms that come with depression. I have read-up and am trying to make an educated decision about coming off Zoloft. I know there is a 6% increased risk of taking Zoloft after 20 weeks and the baby having a pulmonary...


Miena and Depression

Hello, I was wondering if any moms out there who have used or are using...