Depression After Weaning?

Updated on January 28, 2008
C.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
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I've been really down in the dumps. Something I ate made my 1 year old vomit right after breastfeeding so I had to wean her cold turkey. It was so difficult because she kept wanting to feed and I wanted to feed her. When I would give in, she'd vomit. I think maybe she realized this and she eventually took the bottle.
She wasn't herself for a couple of days, but I think she's adjusting better than I am. I feel almost like I'm going through post partum depression. I really miss feeding her and I cry alot. I talked to my sister in law today and apparenty she went through the same thing when she weaned her kiddos. Did anyone else experience this after weaning and for how long?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the support. I know it was soething I ate because she used to vomit when I ate tomatoes when she was little. I haven't had them in nearly a year and thought maybe her system was more developed and could handle it, but it couldn't. Neither of us were ready to stop, especially cold turkey, but we're doing okay and I'm still feeding her formula to get what she needs.

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I feel your pain my son just turned 1 and I am already saddened with the thoughts of weaning him..

your hormones will not be in sync for up to a year after you stop nursing.

I would talk to your doctor about anti-depressants, its just like ppd, just to have some options available or maybe even yoour health food store

good luck



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It's not at all unusual. Nursing produces fantastic hormones - oxytocin (for letdown) and prolaction (for producing milk) that provides you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing (one of my most favorite things about nursing that I indeed missed the most). I would honestly be really concerned about what you ate that bothered her so much. If you consume dairy, I would be worried that's the culprit. So, I would be very cautious about introducing solids to her.



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Weaning cold turkey is not a good way to wean generally. It's much better for everyone to do it more gradually if possible. It's hard on the baby and hard (physically) on the mom if it's too sudden.

How long has it been since you last nursed? You realize, it can be a year before you stop producing milk. If you want to, why not go back and nurse? Whatver you ate (if it really was that and not a tummy bug your dd caught), is sure to be out of your system. You'll probably feel better if you do. Lewisville has a great La Leche League group you could contact for advice on this as well. You don't have to be a member and they are really helpful.



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Hi C.,

Are you sure something you ate made her sick?? I've never heard of that!! I think it's more likely that she had a stomach virus......either way, you could start nursing again if you really wanted to. It takes quite a while for your milk to truly dry up. I'm sure the abruptness of your weaning has everything to do with your depression. If your mind & body weren't ready for it, it's completely logical that you could get depressed.

I remember feeling a little down after weaning both of my kiddos (the first at 13 mo, and the second at 16 mo), but not teary. It's a bittersweet ending to them being "babies", and can hit our emotions harder than we realize.


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Oh my goodness yes!! After feeling horrible for 2 weeks, I went back to breastfeeding and after 6 more months, I decided to quit and didn't have any problems. It didn't take but a day to bring my milk back to where it was either. I asked the Dr. about it and he said that breastfeeding delays post partom blues and that is what I was suffering from. After my second baby, I didn't have trouble because my daughter weaned herself. If you come off slowly, its better. Good luck to you!



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Have you considered pumping and thorwing the milk awasy until what ever you ate clears from your system? That way you could continue breastfeeding and your milk supply would not dry up. I have had to do this a few times.



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I experienced the same thing after weaning my second child (I have three). My ob said it could definately happen due to hormone changes. He prescribed an anti-depressant. I ended up not taking it, but the depression was fairly short lived (a couple of weeks if I remember correctly). If yours persists, call your ob.

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