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Updated on April 29, 2008
G.H. asks from Columbus, OH
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My OB/GYN prescribed Zoloft for me for PPD about 5 months ago. I started at 25mg/day & just last week I had to increase it to 50 mg/day. Since then I've felt really spacy. Almost like I'm taking cold medicine. Has anyone else experienced this & if so, how long does it last?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all of you who responded with wonderful advice & insight. It's so comforting to know I'm not alone in this. I spoke with a nurse at my OBGYN's office who said the dose was way too high for me. She told me to take just 25mg at bedtime & so far, so good. The spacy, drugged feeling is gone & the anxiety seems to be getting better.

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answers from San Francisco on

Boy oh boy have i been there. Zoloft for me was one of the better medications, but you have to give your system awhile to get used to anything, i would give it a couple more weeks and see how you are doing, if you still feel spacey call your doctor there are other medications out there you could try or maybe you need to lower teh dose to something in between 25 and 50mg maybe go back to the 25 mg pills and do 1 1/2 pills a day, instead of a full 50mg. side effects are normal and one of the most common with any anti depressant is feeling drugged. good news it should go away. good luck, something else to consider if you are sufering from ppd, plenty of rest, a good diet, time outside or sun therapy with a sun lamp, as well as a vitamin suppliment, and exercise along with therapy can really help well. I went through this with all of my kids to some degree and actually have chronic depression, hormonal changes or incrediably stressful situations trigger an episode but i haven't needed medication in 4 years, becasue of all those things i mentioned above. good luck.



answers from Cincinnati on

I would talk to your MD if this does not go away, 50mg may be too much. There are so many antidepressants on the market, sometimes it takes time to find the right pill and dosage. I took paxil at one point and hated how it made me feel. I take 20mg of prozac for PMS, and it seems to work fine for me, but everyone is different.



answers from Canton on

I, too, was once on Zoloft for depression. I didn't really like taking it, though, because of how it made me feel. I just decided I was better off not taking it and dealt with the issues that were bothering me at the time. I haven't had to take the Zoloft in almost 4 yrs. I guess you could say my life has become much better since I went through that horrible depression. If you're not comfortable taking the Zoloft, talk to your doctor. He will understand. Hope things work out for you.



answers from Youngstown on

Anti-depressants do have that spacy effect for awhile but just at first. As your body adjusts to the medication, those side affects should subside. It takes between 4 to 6 wks. for your body to really adjust. I almost stopped taking mine for those very same reasons, but my insisted I stay on them. I'm so glad I did because they really changed my life. If you have side affects longer than 6 wks, I would definately tell my dr. Maybe you'll need to try a new kind. don't give up...ood luck...Hang in there...It does get better....L.



answers from Dayton on

I also take 200 mg/ Zoloft once per day for PPD. I started on the increased dose about a month ago, and it's finally feeling like it's kicked in. I plan to stay on it for as long as I have to - to fully recover. Like the others have said, give it time to work - the side effects have decreased for me over time.



answers from Mansfield on

I feel bad for the issues ur dealing with in ur life. I know how trialing this can be. I'v been through quite a bit myself. But Zoloft isnt the best med for ur situation. Iv tryed it myself and all the side effects are horriable. Ever seen the ad's on tv..."if u knew anyone who comitted sucide while on zoloft..please contact us at..." I'd give it a month and if ur still dealing with these issues or more...stop taking the drug and contact ur doc. Every body is different with the body chem. and hormones...all meds work differently on diff people. Goodluck and take some time for ur self dear.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi Carrie,

I am on Zoloft as well. I have been on it for several years. Believe it or not I take 200mg once a day. Try to take it before you go to bed. I know that it says to take it in the AM but it always made me feel drugged. When I take it at night it really helps me to sleep and the side effects are gone by the time I get up in the morning. Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

Getting used to Zoloft was one of the worst medication experiences of my life and I was put on double what your on. If you can't handle it, I suggest talking with your doctor about trying another drug, but give it the 4 weeks or so it takes to get into your system.

I hated Zoloft and ended up on Lexapro which was MUCH better.



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi Carrie:
I had terrible PPD after my daughter was born. I would have a meltdown every evening at 7:00. My dr. gave me Zoloft also. It did take away a lot of the sadness, but it also left me feeling emotionless, and I hated that. I am sensitive by nature, and when I wasn't crying at Halmark commercials, I knew I had to stop taking it. I only took it for about 5 months, but everyone is different. I did have the same experiences that you are describing tho, and I hated that. It's hard to take care of your baby and yourself, when you feel woozy! I would talk to your dr. Like the others said, it might just be too much, but it might also not be the anti-depressant that you need. Good luck.

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