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Updated on November 02, 2009
S.C. asks from Petaluma, CA
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Hello Mamas,
I am wondering if any of you lovely ladies have any experience with a fat camp/ fat farm/ weight-loss camp for adults. I am interested in going to one, and would like some feedback. The two I have found so far are Camp La Jolla http://www.camplajolla.com/
And Live In Fitness Enterprise http://www.liveinfitnessenterprise.com/programs/complete/...

I really want a "Biggest Loser" type of experience. If any of you have attended one of these, and can tell me about it, I would be very grateful.

Just fyi- I am not interested in any information about lap band surgery, Jenny Craig or anything else. Just info on Fat Camp.

Thank you all for your time!

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answers from San Francisco on

I am interested in hearing what you find out also. I heard about Camp La Jolla. It looks like half fitness and half lounging. I need the fitness and the healthy eating for two weeks and the disipline also. Let me know if you end up going to Camp La Jolla or any other. I don't think I could start off Army boot camp style but something in the middle.

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answers from Detroit on

I haven't heard of any, but am interested if anyone sends you some feedback.

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answers from Chicago on

well i dont know if this helps but i know several people that have went on a pill called phentramine, even a Dr. that just had a baby......each lost about 15 pounds in about 3 months.......but i dont know of any fat camps

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answers from Sacramento on

Ok...so i'm not going to be rude and ask you how much you weigh, so I'll tell you how much I weigh(weighed)instead.

I am 6 ft tall and at my heaviest after the birth of my son 2.5 yrs ago I weighed 295 lbs !! Where did all that fat come from!! LOL

My doctor put me on a prescription called Metformin. This is one of those weird meds that has several different uses. One of it's main ues is in people that are diabetic. It helps to control blood sugars. It is essentially a "carb-blocker". I lost 45 lbs without doing anything other than taking this medication. I never had weird side effects that diet pills would give you. I never exercised. I didn't even change my diet !!! Although you will notice once you start taking this that if you eat a high carb meal after taking this your body will respond in kind. I never had severe diarrhea but your bowels due become looser with this medication. There were a few times that I was out in public and I "really" had to go and I'm one of those people who hates going #2 in public...LOL

So even though I didn't change my diet when I went on the medication, I began to learn which foods triggered the looser bowels and began to avoid them. So in essence I inadvertently began to change the foods in my diet without even realizing it. Its a good one to try if you have zero willpower to get your butt of the couch. Which was me !! I am one of those people who needs instant gratification.

So then at 50 lbs I kind of hit a plateau and the Dr has boosted the metformin with Phentermine (37.5).

This was the good drug in the Phen-Fen era. It is basically an upper. It boosts your energy and decreases your appetite.

I really am not sure I like this medication. While I love the energy it gives me. I DO NOT like the side effects.
I think I now know what druggy tweakers feel like when they do speed...LOL

If I drink alot of water with it and AVOID CAFFEINE at all costs I do ok. But if I don't I get a hollow feeling in my stomach and my mouth is pretty dry. Have you ever watched the show Cops and they show someone high?? Their mouth is constantly open and they can't stop sticking their tongue out?? that is what I feel like on bad days with this stuff...I have braces and one day I made the mistake of drinking a Pepsi and I rubbed my tongue and cheeks pretty sore because I couldnt keep my mouth still and kept rubbing my tongue on my braces.

It only took a few days of that weirdness for me to realize I was just extremely thirsty. Like I said before if you drink LOTS of water with this medication you do just fine. And avoid caffeine as well.

I talked with my doctor about cutting the pill in half and seeing how that makes me feel and that dose is working better. No "tweaker" side effects.

Anyways....I hope my "honesty" helps you. I know it didn't answer your original question but I am really impressed with the metformin and think it really helped with my motivation to get going on the weight loss and often times thats all most of us need to get started.

Good Luck!!



answers from Sacramento on

I would love that too!!! Maybe we can get a whole bunch of Mommys togather and form a group of support. I am now pregnant which is the best control for me, I can't have fast food which I was addicted to, and no wine which also I loved. I didn't really do much exercise either, which now I do. Last pregnancie I lost 30 lbs and that doc didn't like it, but it was healthy I constantly ate, but just real healthy. Well let me know if u find something that I would be interested in after I have the baby! Or if u are interested in a support group? U know I don't no if u watch Dr Oz, but he has helped alot of people, u could always try? Doctor Oz.com.



answers from San Francisco on

Since you live in Petaluma - if you can't find a fat camp, how about joining one of our local women's soccer teams! Sports City in Cotati and Santa Rosa and Univ. of Sports in Rohnert Park have indoor soccer. One mom on our team lost 75 lbs. It can be your own personal fat camp.

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