Updated on July 24, 2010
J.L. asks from Turtle Creek, PA
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I just sent my seven year old son off to camp for the first time, and I am so nervous. This is is first time away from home by himself. Do any one think it will be wrong for me to call the camp to see if he is alright or should I just relax?

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answers from Hartford on

Go ahead and call. You won't be the 1st call I bet, lol. or the last. Do it because it will make you feel better.

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answers from Nashville on

My ten year old begged to go to camp for two years. She went this year...and half way through the week the counselors called because she was inconsolably homesick. Read will help!

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answers from Detroit on

call... i am sure they are used to getting those calls but i am sure he is fine or they would have called you.



answers from Philadelphia on

Dear J.,
I would never let my son go away at 7 years of age. Today, I trust no one with little boys or little girls. If your son has a good time, he will want to do it again....and again, you will be anxious. The more he is away from you, the more you will be anxious. Your son is your delight! Do not let anyone take your place as a parent. Unless he is with family, you are taking a chance. Sons love their mothers and vice versa. Don't let go of him too soon so that someone else tells him that he doesn't need you and wants to make his decisions about life without family in mind. Believe me, I know.



answers from Chicago on

Call! It never hurts to check to make yourself feel better.



answers from Dallas on

Looks like everyone has the same answer... call. This reminds me of my best friend. She was a single parent with one son. When ever he went over to a friends house, she would call. When he went anywhere, she would always call and checkup on him. He was never embarrassed. One day he had a friend over all day, after the friend had left he told his mom that he felt sorry for him. My friend asked her son why? He said "his mom didn't call and check up on him. When you call me, that tells me you love me "



answers from Nashville on

Go ahead and call just to speak with them. The reassurance will do wonders. My son is on his third year at camp, now for 2 weeks. Fortunately, they post pictures every few days so I can go online to see his smiling face. Good luck. I'm sure he is having a wonderful time.



answers from Philadelphia on

Having worked at 3 different camps over the course of 7 summers (I've been a counselor, recreation and crafts director, and assistant camp director), I can tell you that the camp director will most likely NOT let you talk to your son because of the effect it will have on him during his time away. You can call and talk to the director or assistant director and ask how he's doing, but as many other moms have said, if anything is wrong, the camp will call you. If the camp allowed parents to talk to kids, not only would it drastically increase the incidence of homesickness (which then makes it difficult for ALL the kids in the cabin since so much energy goes into helping the homesick child), but it would interfere with the scheduled activities each groups of kids does. It's ok to be nervous.

Go ahead and call and talk to a staff member to ease your nerves. They're used to first-time campers having nervous parents. It's quite normal!!! Good luck and take comfort in knowing he's most likely having a blast. Hang in there!



answers from Philadelphia on

Definately call camp, so you will feel at ease! No doubt they will tell you he is fine.

My daughter has been going to overnight camp for years now, for anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. My son started 2 years ago. The worst time for me was that very first year that my daughter went, even though it was just for 1 week. Until I saw her at the end of the week and heard from her that she had had an amazing week (and that she wished the program were for 2 weeks), I could not fully relax. The following year, when she went for 4 weeks, actually was much easier on me, as much as I missed her!

My kids have never attended camps that allow phone calls between parents and kids, so I have had to rely on mail (rare) and photos (some camps have, some don't), and my gut feeling that they were having a good time.

If the camp has a website that posts pictures, look for ones of your son. No doubt he will have a big smile on his face.

You are giving your son a gift, and he will learn so much from his camp experiences. Just remember it almost always is more difficult for the parents, at home in the same routine, than for the kids, at camp and having an amazing time!

Good luck!



answers from Harrisburg on

RELAX! Don't call! Believe me, you're the one nervous, not him, lol. He's having a ball! The camp supervisors are trained and experienced with children and running camps. They know to keep the kids busy, introduce them to new things and can spot any child who may be having any loneliness, which most do not. They're too busy having fun, lol. You son will be bunking with boys his own age and will be age appropriate activities. Be happy for him and excited. Don't worry. He's having a great experience!

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets
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answers from Philadelphia on

If he is nervous or misses you he will call. I can understand that you are nervous as this is his first time away. He will be ok and have fun with the other kids. Enjoy your time to yourself if this is a possibility or have fun with your other kids if you have them. He will be home before you know it.



answers from Chicago on

Relax. My son started going to sleep away camp at that age and had a ball! Now he is 10 and just got back from this summer's camp. But I still remember that first year- when we went to pick him up, he was dirty and covered with mosquito bites- and he looked about a foot taller! Seriously, he was so confident and proud to show off his 'bunk' to us and introduce us to his bunkmates and counselors- it was just a great experience for him in every way. He already talks about maybe being a counselor there when he is older.

I know its hard, mama, but just relax. Have your husband take you out to dinner and enjoy some romantic dinners on your own :) He'll be home soon enough with tons of dirty laundry and a million camp songs to teach you :)



answers from Philadelphia on

Leave an emergency number with the camp, but DON"T CALL. The message you are giving your son is that you are not trusting the camp. If he senses you are nervous about the camp, he will be extra nervous! You need to relax so your son can also relax and enjoy the camp.
What are you nervous about? Go over those points with him so he knows what to do - reminder of suntan lotion, bug repellent, eating, etc., but leave him with a feeling of confidence that he will be fine without you at camp.



answers from Chicago on

Call, to me it is no different than putting them in daycare for the first time. Our day care told us to call anytime we wanted and we could speak directly to the teacher (barring issues that would keep them from the phone, as they are caring for all the kids). You are a good parent and that is why you are concerned but you are also letting him spread his wings. Good for you.!



answers from Sacramento on

I don't see any issues in calling the camp then you can relax. I's sure he will have lots of fun.


answers from Allentown on

Hi, Jenn:

You already know the answer. It is normal for you to worry. Remember, if anything happens, you will be the first to know. You are the source and they depend on that.

Do what you think is best for you. If you need to call, call. If you think you need to relax, relax. You know what to do in your heart of hearts. D.

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