Day Camp Snack Ideas

Updated on June 23, 2011
M.3. asks from Morgan, UT
6 answers

My 5 year old is starting a week long day camp where he needs to bring a snack each day. He won't have access to a fridge so he needs snacks that are not perishable. What ideas do you moms have? I'd like the keep the snacks healthly. Thanks!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

String cheese? Freezable yogurt tubes? Raisins and M&M's? Goldfish crackers?

Can you put an ice pack with his snack?

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answers from New York on

fruit cups dont need refrigeration and those fruit applesauce cups. Motts have no sugar (read the label some have sucralose yuck!!) Trail mix, granola bars, cliff bars,juice boxes,choc milk boxes,small packs of cookies, sugarless gum(it helps clean their teeth)cheese crackers.....try wall-mart or Aldi's.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Fish Crackers, pretzels, granola bars, gummy snacks, cereal, graham crackers. They have the cheese or peanut butter cracker packages you can get as well. Raisins, animal crackers. I hope this helps. Good luck.



answers from New York on

a few ideas...
granola bars
gold fish crackers
spread peanut butter on crackers and make a sandwich
dried fruit (like raisins)
animal crackers


answers from Austin on

Grapes, pretzels, raisins, craisins, rice crackers, veggie chips, granola bars. My son made his own trail mix as a snack for camp by adding to regular trail mix pistachios(no peanuts in case the other kids were allergic), animal crackers, dried fruit, and a chopped up natural fruit rollup. We would also include an extra snack in his lunch to stay cool for the afternoon.



answers from Denver on

My 5-yr-old loves pistachio nuts and sunflower seeds (the raw unsalted kind). She wants bags of each for snack every day, just about. I also give her apples as they hold up better than any other fruit :)

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