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Credit Card Rewards

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone take advantage of credit card rewards and is it really worth it? I got an app for an American Express airline miles card and after looking at how much it...


Credit Card Debt.

M.H. asks from Hartford

Hello Ladies, here is a question I am too embarrassed to ask my friends & family. Has anyone had to consolidate debt? I hear a bunch of ads for all kinds of compani...


Credit Card Debt, Are We the Only Ones?

J.M. asks from Boston

This is so embarassing but my husband and I have HUGE credit card debt. We have transferred things to lower interest over last few years and try to pay above the mini...


Credit Card Debt and Entertaining

A.F. asks from New York

My husband and I have a five year old and a two month old. We live on Long Island (NY) and have a starter house. We've basically been on one income for five years. I ...


Credit Card Debt

G.T. asks from Boston

Hi all. Over the past 2 years my husband and I have had our fair share of problems come our way - medical issues, dental surgery, car repair after car repair, THEN a ...


How Do I Shop for a Credit Card Without Ruining My Credit?

C.T. asks from Denver

Hi all - Like everybody else, my credit card company wanted to raise my interest rate. I chose the option to keep my low rate any they just wont renew my card after ...


Suggestions for a Good Credit Card That Gives Back

M.M. asks from Chicago

Do you ladies have any suggestions for a reputable major credit card that offers a great cash back/rebate/gift program? Oh, low interest rate and no/reasonable annua...


Mom Seeking Information on Credit Card Consolidation

N.W. asks from Orlando

Hello Everyone, I am looking for advice on credit card consolidation. Does anyone know the pro's and con's of this? I am interested in consolidating my credit card...


Credit Card Compromised... What Happens to Conpany?

S.P. asks from Detroit

Ok I have an odd question. My credit card was compromised & im curious what does the bank or visa do to the people in question who may have used the card unauthorized...


Best Credit Card for Airline Miles....

K.F. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies. I run the accounting for my dad's business and the business currently has a credit card (usually the balance is around $17,000.00) - he wants to switch...