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Car Rental With-out a Credit Card.

S.G. asks from Philadelphia

looking to rent a car to go back & forth from westchester to philly. Does any rental company rent vehicals for more than a few days? perhaps on a monthly basis, also ...


How Do You and Your Husband Handle Spending and Money?

J.G. asks from Washington DC

My husband and I are at a crossroads about our day-to-day finances. I am looking for ideas on how others budget, handle checkbooks, who decides how much is OK to sp...


Negotiate the Price for a Specialty Dr Visit?

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

I was referred to a "feeding clinic" because my baby was having a hard time with solid foods. We went one time in November and once in February. We didn't have to pay...


Is This Worth Spending $$ Out of Savings

N.S. asks from Dallas

After years of immature spending habits just this year I became more mature about spending my money. I use to blow money on just about anything, but now every time I ...


Retirement - Time to Stop Spending

L.B. asks from Richland

I always worked and earned a good living. The problem is that I am now retired and I have to quit spending and I have a really hard time doing that. I am single and...


Am I Spending Too Much Time Shopping??

S.G. asks from Chicago

Ok, so I am addicted to saving, finding good deals, etc... I'm not quite as crazy as some of those ladies you see on TLC, but I'm afraid I might be getting there. I ...


Have You Had It with Wal-mart??? VENT on Their Price Matching Lies!!!

S.H. asks from Atlanta

okay I coupon, an since walmart price matches etc I decided to go there yesterday and try them out. I usually go to publix or kroger. But was like why not try wal-m...


Striking a Balance Between Saving and Spending

J.W. asks from Chicago

Let me start by saying that I realize that this may not see like a “problem” to many of you especially in light of the last 12 months. Rather, I am trying to gai...


Embarrassing Spending Habit?

J.G. asks from Chicago

Two weeks ago, I saw the UPS guy stop in front of my house. He sat for a few minutes, but then moved on without delivering anything. I laughed to myself and said," yo...


Spending Money on My Own Health

M.. asks from St. Louis

so my husband and I make decent money, but in today's economy, I find that we are struggling to make ends meet. With car payments, student loans, two kids in daycare,...