Do You Have a Credit Card You Love?

Updated on March 05, 2013
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
17 answers

I'm in the market for a new credit card. A few musts - no annual fee, no surprise fees, some kind of point/reward for using. Can you recommend any that you love?? Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

ATT/Universal card. Awesome reward points. Interest is sky high but we pay it off every month so no biggie for us.

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answers from Philadelphia on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chase Visa. I buy everything on Amazon though. You can pay with points on the website.

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answers from Washington DC on

Sorry - can't help you...we don't have credit cards in this house.

We have an AMEX card - but whatever is charged on it is paid off each month...and AMEX really isn't a "credit" card.

I bank with USAA. We have our debit cards and cash!!

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answers from Washington DC on

We use Chase Freedom. We don't carry a balance, so I don't know what the APR is. But there are no annual or surprise fees, and you get 1% cash back on all purchases and 5% cash back on purchases in certain categories every quarter. The one major drag about this card is that you have to "register" every quarter to qualify for the 5% rewards. It's not that difficult but just kind of annoying.

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answers from Dallas on

We have Chase that is linked to our business accounts ( few more perks than a regular personal card). I love it bacause I can cash in for $$ Gift cards, etc. I prefer to cash in about 2 times a year for $1500 free money ( as in a check cut to me or our business)

That said.... We use this for our business and personal and it has a lot of use. I have no clue what any charges are because we never, ever carry a balance or pay a fee to use the card.

I love the perks but they would not be perks if I were charged to use the card, etc. Again... This is the only card we use and we never carry a balance. It's paid in full if not ahead of anticipated expenses.

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answers from Anchorage on

My USAA card has a low interest rate and no surprises, but you have to have served or be a family member of a military member to use it, so I don't know if that applies. My other one has a yearly fee, but living in Alaska I need the air miles and the compainian fair ticket they give each year. That is my Alaska Airlines visa.

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answers from Tulsa on

I have a State Farm rewards card. No annual fee, low interest rate (single digit!), and you earn 1% back that can be applied to any State Farm product, including your credit card bill. They also have a FixPay option where up to three purchases (must hit a certain dollar threshold, $250 for insurance payments, $500 for other charges) can be paid off over 6-12 months at a lower interest rate. Lots of balance transfer options and they even add bonuses on top of that 1% if you redeem a large amount at a time. I've been happy with it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I love our Costco AmEx. We get a check this time every year as our "points". Our last one was $350+. You can cash it at Costco and use it anywhere or just use it to buy things you need ... Or want. We went on Saturday and bought some things we needed and I'll use the rest later this week at a local consignment sale. Since it's rewards, I tend to look at it as "free" money, so anything I buy on Thursday will be nearly free. Outfitting my kid for almost free ... Sounds good to me!

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answers from Sacramento on

We love the Target Visa card. You get 5% off all purchases. We shop at Target all the time, including for groceries, so that's a great benefit to us.

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answers from San Diego on

It really depends on what you use in your life. We have the Chase Disney rewards card. You earn points for all your purchase. We save them up yearly and use them to help purchase our annual passes for the family each year. It is perfect for us! It saves us a lot since we buy 5 Premium passes each year!
All rewards cards have higher interest rates over a non-rewards card. This is how they off set the expense of giving the rewards in the first place.
It is best when you don't carry a balance and pay it in full each month. We did until my husband was laid off and unemployed for 6 months. We should have it paid off in a coupe months now finally and will go back to being able to paying it in full. I hate carrying the balance and getting charged interest right now! But, we needed food and utilities so we did what we had to.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Real Canadian Superstore, but I doubt that is an option for you.



answers from Los Angeles on

Love capital one and Starwood Amex. Great deals on hotels with your points ( free nights half off ).



answers from Minneapolis on

Love my Chase and Target for the same reasons below. Another thought is that some banks offer a cash back type program where if you have your mortgage with them, you can apply it to the principal on your mortgage. Worth looking into!



answers from Miami on

I have had a Discover since college and really like it. I have found their fraud protection and customer service to be exceptional and you get really good "cash back" rewards. You can either apply the $$ to your next bill when it starts to "add up" or you can purchase gift cards with the $$ and it's not a 1:1 gift card. For example, we always send my great aunt and uncle Omaha Steak packages for Christmas and the $100 gift card we used for the purchase "cost" us $70.

I was late with a payment when we moved across the country. The bills were in a box that was unpacked last (genius, I know). I called and they removed the late fee and noted it in our account, so it did not impact our credit with them in any way. The woman then noted that I had a charge on my account in NY after we had moved to FL. She investigated it for me and discovered that my secretary in NY never canceled my travel arrangements for the duration of the year, so I was being charged as a "no show" in the hotel. She had the charges reversed. I have had consistently good service with them. No annual fees and no "hidden" charges.



answers from Miami on

the only thing I love about my credit card is the zero balance. :)



answers from Milwaukee on

I mainly use my Disney Chase card. I saved up for a long time and we had over $1600 that we used to go to Disney World and I now have another $650 that we are using to go to Disney Land. It's only good if you are thinking about Disney at some point-who isn't on this site though :) Anyways, no annual fee for the one I have and no surprise fees.


answers from Washington DC on

does anyone love 'em?
i haven't found any that aren't bastards.

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