Suggestions for a Good Credit Card That Gives Back

Updated on June 07, 2008
M.M. asks from Lockport, IL
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Do you ladies have any suggestions for a reputable major credit card that offers a great cash back/rebate/gift program? Oh, low interest rate and no/reasonable annual fee would be great. Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

I have a Discover card as well as a Chase Bank Visa. Both "give back". Discover "gives" cash, Chase "gives" gift certs. Both have no annual fee. I don't know what the interest rates are, since I pay mine off in full every month.

I put as much stuff as possible on the cards. Discover is my first choice, since ya get cash back. I put my son's daycare on a credit card, since that is a quick way to run up the balance and get more $$$ back. Gas and groceries also go on the card.

Hope that helps!

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answers from Chicago on

we use chase freedom back and no interest offers too.



answers from Chicago on

We have a Toys R Us card from Chase. You get 1% back on every purchase and 3% on any purchase from Toys R us, Babies R us, etc. You get the $ back in gift cards for Toys R us and Babies r us, etc. With a little guy and one on the way I use those cards up very quickly. I got the card because a friend of mine had it and said she used the $ back to buy diapers.



answers from Chicago on

Discover Card is nice. No limit on rebate amount. We pay our daycare with this at KinderCare.

We also use a Citibank Dividend card, but that has a cap of $300 in rebates/year.

Neither have an annual fee.

Check out

I may be wrong here, but the interest rate shouldn't matter TOO much as long as you pay off your balance every month. That's the only way to "make" money on a credit card.



answers from Chicago on

I love my upromise card through Citibank. I can earn cash to put in college savings accounts for my 3 kids. I charge everything I can and have earned over $1500 since I started using it in 2002. Plus you can link it to your Jewel or Dominicks card and certain products offer bonus Upromise savings. Plus you can earn cash for college by shopping online through Upromise. Bed Bath and Beyond gives your account a bonus when you shop in the store with your Upromise card. Lots of bonuses, check it out. My annual fee is $0, but the interest rate is on the high side, but I pay my bill in full each month. I have a different card for any balance we have accumulated and are trying to pay off.



answers from Chicago on

I think all cards will offer you different things if you just ask. But I have learned that the less you need the money the more apt they are to give you a good deal. What deal one family can get the next family may not be able to get because of their credit.

Discover give a % back to who ever has there card. But they also give monthly deals that you can learn about if you check their website regularly.

Our Capital One card just loan us 0% for one year so we could rehab a house for sale. The only stipulation was you could not ever be late on a payment.

Our Chase card is OK.
Our AAA card gives back 5% on gas purchases and the Shell M/C gives back on gas purchases to.

Just check around on-line, make some calls and don't be afraid to ask, sometimes it is there for the company to offer but only if you ask.




answers from Chicago on

I use American Express for EVERYTHING (groceries, gas, target, etc.) I can because we earn points for gift certificates or travel.

I use a Macy's Visa for everything else b/c I like the store and they give cash back certificates.

I did not like Discover b/c they always tried to find a way to charge me interest when it wasn't due. I would pay my balance in full every month and they would post it a day late so they could charge interest. I know this sounds crazy but I started mailing (I don't like e-paying) the check two weeks ahead of time and they still would post it a day late. Every month I would call and every month they would remove it but it was a big big hassle so I won't use them anymore.

I'm looking in to a Disney Visa since we're going to take a trip there in a few years. My girlfriend has accrued enough points to pay for a good portion of their upcoming trip.



answers from Chicago on

We use a Fidelity card that gives you $75 cash back for every $5,000 in purchases. We use the card for everything, pay it off every month and put the cash in our daughters 529 college account. We love it and there's no annual fee and the customer service at Fidelity is really great.



answers from Chicago on

how about the marathon card. the way gas prices are these days, it is nice to get a gift card in the mail to use on gas. every little bit helps.

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