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Updated on July 08, 2011
G.A. asks from Apollo Beach, FL
11 answers

Hi anyone no of a credit card thats just for gas purchase only?

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answers from New York on

I have a gas only card. Gets paid in full every month. NEVER do I carry a
balance. It also allows me to keep track of how much I am spending on

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answers from Washington DC on


Sorry - no credit cards in this house...

I don't know if ANY gas cards are just for gas anymore...all the ads I've seen at gas stations are for a Visa or Mastercard...if there are any companies that are doing "gas only" the interest rate is probably through the roof....

I would HIGHLY/STRONGLY recommend staying debit or cash only...


answers from Kansas City on

Do you mean so if you wanted to gift it to someone they could use it only for gas? Like a prepaid gas card? If so then yes those do exists as well as the credit cards. :)



answers from Jacksonville on

They all have gas cards.



answers from Nashville on

Shell card. I am pretty sure Exxon, etc also have their own cards. I would not do it, it can add up quickly and then you have debit that is gas debit, no fun.



answers from Mobile on

Chevron gas card. You can use it only at chevron!


answers from Dallas on

I have a Walmart Discover that we just use for gas. Walmart gives a 5 cent discount for it.



answers from Appleton on

Why do you need a gas only credit card?

I am very leery of 'store cards' such as Penney's - Macy's - Wal-mart ect because of the high interest rate. Part of a store's income is from the interest on the credit cards. I would be very careful before applying for a gas station credit card, check the interest rate before you apply.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes. I run a transport organisation and we have gas credit cards for each vehicle in our fleet. You need to contact the gas company. Most of them have gas cards that you can use at their own outlets. There are other cards that can be used at multiple outlets. You can choose to limit the spending on it to just gas, and nothing else (such as candy, oil, drinks etc) that is available at the gas station. Just google it.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We have a Conoco Phillips and choose to only buy gasoline on it. I clean house for my FIL and he pays the gasoline bill. He told me, to my face, that if there was EVER a charge on it for ANYTHING besides gasoline that the card was gone and no getting it back. I like having the option of basically unlimited gasoline so I adhere to the rules. We usually try to keep it around $200 or less but when we have traveled at vacation time or for medical appointments we do go over that small amount. I feel like I have worked hard for the gasoline and that I always want to take care to not wear out the card.



answers from San Antonio on

It is better to have a debit card than a gas credit card. When our kids started driving, we looked for the gas credit cards to give them so that driving to work and school they would not have a problem being able to get gas. But if you read the fine print in all the details of the credit cards (and we considered 5) there are dangerous areas in all.

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