Comfort Issues: Medela

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Best Breast Pump??

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there. I'm a first time mom; my little man is 9 weeks old. Despite my efforts, he never latched on and I was instructed to rent the Medela "Symphony" from the ho...


Thoughts on Borrowing a Friend's Breast Pump, with All New Parts

N.F. asks from Reno

My friend has a Medela Pump In Style backpack (retail $275) that she used with her two babies (ages 2 and 1) that she's offered to lend me. It's in great condition, I...


Double Stroller

N.R. asks from Houston

I am pregnant with my second child due the end of January...I have a 2 1/2 yr old but she will be 3 by the time the baby is I was wondering if it is worth t...


Breast Pumps & Other 'Must Have' Baby Gift Registry Items

J.J. asks from San Francisco

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant & beginning my baby registry. I have 2 questions: What breast pump would you recommend for a planning on breast feeding mother? What...


Best Breast Pump

D.P. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies! I am looking for a good breast pump and need some good recommendations I have used the Avent manual breast pump in the past and loved it. However I g...



A.F. asks from Boston

Hi All- I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and I am looking for bottles to buy. I am planning on breastfeeding mostly but am hoping the baby will take a bottle as wel...


What to Add/leave off Baby Registry?

S.J. asks from Wausau

Hi - I am wondering what items other Moms have put on their Baby Registry, and what items you would leave off? Obviously, leave off clothes, but is there anything you...