Comfort Issues: First Response

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Anyone Stationed at Mildenhall England or Have Info on It?

A.P. asks from Stationed Overseas

I am looking for any and all info in Mildenhall AFB in England. Our overseas assignment list just came out and we are looking into that base as a possability. I wo...


To Charge or Not to Charge, That My Friends, Is the Question

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

Ok my oldest sister (not the angry, mental one) has called and asked me if I had left over 18 ms to 3t clothes from my sale. Yes I DO!!!! However, they are for a co-w...


"Not a Minivan Mom"

J.G. asks from Chicago

In the past week, two comments have been made about minivans not being people's style. I'm curious, what kind of style is a minivan driver? In my head it says, "pr...


Moms of Teenage Girls...

L.A. asks from Chattanooga

My daughter, who turned 16 last week, would like permission to go meet a boy who is 18 & lives in the next town over (30 min) whom she has never met before (except on...