Good High Chair Recommendation (Freestanding, Cleanable, Comfortable)

Updated on January 27, 2011
H.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
9 answers

here are my priorities:

freestanding- (already have the booster, good for toddlers, but not the best for babies)
cleanability- (not so many cracks and crevasses), good tray insert so not a huge bulky tray to take to the sink 5 times a day
move ability- wheels around the house easily
some cushion- Don't want all hard plastic.


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answers from Naples on

I love my eddie bauer wooden highchair. It looks nice and doesn't take up too much space. It's easy to clean.

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answers from Augusta on

my recommendation, get one that straps to your existing chair then turns into a booster seat. We had one for my son and it was GREAT.
we barely used the freestanding one we had for my daughter.
This is the one we had. We originality bought it for travel then just started using is every day cause it was SO easy.



answers from Denver on

Baby Tenda---expensive, but oh so worth it!! It turns into a kids table as they get older, too, so you can use it for years.



answers from Boston on

We had a fisher price one


answers from Dallas on

We have a Chicco Polly High Chair Adventure.

We love it because it is cloth, extra padding in the seat for a comfortable bottom, adjustable chair height, adjustable foot rest, adjustable seat positions to sit upward-lean slightly back or all the way back if they fall asleep at table, foldable, has rolling wheels that roll well on carpet and hardwood, comes with removeable shoulder straps to where you can just use the waist straps that lock and comes with two extra removeable tray attachments. Its very easy to use and the tray slides on easily. Some may not like it because it isn't a plastic seat but we love it and so does our daughter. However, I do take 3 to 5 minutes to clean the chair up with a damp sponge when needed. For us it was worth the $119. We bought it at Burlington Coat Factory other stores carry it for $139 to $149.

Whatever you choose; choose what you like, that fits your budget and that your toddler is comfortable sitting in.



answers from New York on

we got the flair by boon. its trendy and expensive, and the seat doesnt recline, which was a minus, but the footprint is so small and it is absolutely wonderful to just wipe spotless clean in a minute, and its super sturdy. i loved it. i had another high chair with my first 2 kids that folded up, but we never actually folded it and it was huge and i was sooooooooo sick of jamming butter knives into all the cracks and spaces trying to get the old dried out food out of there. gross. got the boon for my 3rd baby and it was great.



answers from Salt Lake City on

IKEA I bought one when my sister came to visit with her baby last year, light easy to clean easy to store



answers from San Francisco on

I absolutely love my Graco 4 in 1 highchair. It is easy to clean. It has so many features I am at a lost to where to start. I bought it to match my pak and play and swing when I was pregnant and the sales clerk said, "You don't need a high chair when the baby first comes out." I laughed, she did not know that this was no. 3 for me and I had figured out that some high chairs (like this one) lean back so that you could safely put a newborn in it while the rest of the family ate around the table.

The other feature I like is the triple tray. It has a very large tray that has an insert so that there are two layers there and then it has a smaller tray.

It comes with an attachment so that the chair part can be attached to a chair. Great for going to grandma's house for all those holiday meals.

It also (we are not there yet) has a toddler modification so that it will roll up to that table and just be a chair.

Great high chair; I highly reccommend it!



answers from San Diego on

Stokke has a highchair that is called a trip trap I believe and you can go to USA Baby and see one. It is all wooden, different colors but grows with your child too. It has an infant part and then a tray then it can become a regular chair for when they get older. When my son is old enough to start needing a high chair that is what I am going to get. My brother and SIL love theirs and have used it with both my neice and nephew. It is super easy to clean and very durable.

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