Anyone Take a Transatlantic Flight at 7 Months Pregnant?

Updated on April 14, 2010
C.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I am pregnant with my second child. My husband and I used to live in Germany and go back to visit occasionally and we are considering taking a trip there this summer, just the two of us, before baby #2 shows up and we are tied down (in a good way) for another couple of years. The timing we are looking at though (due to working around other commitments) is when I'll be about 30 weeks or so. I traveled that pregnant last time, but it was domestically so the flight wasn't a big deal. Has anyone else been on that long of a flight at that stage of pregnancy? I'm not worried about traveling at that stage of pregnancy (of course with doctor's permission), just wondering about comfort level on a long flight.

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answers from Washington DC on

At that stage in the pregnancy you are still allowed to fly , the only thing you need to consider is the discomfort side of it. You will be sat in a cramped seat for 10 hrs or so , plus the swelling of the ankles and feet is something that is going to affect you aswell.

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answers from Cleveland on

I flew from CLE to Japan when I was about 5mos pregnant. Not quite the same, as you're usually much more comfortable at 5 vs 7mos. But pregnant is pregnant. I was pretty comfortable as I was able to get up and walk around quite a bit. Also helped that we were blessed w/upgrades and was able to be in first/business class. But most long flights have seats that recline pretty nicely regardless of class. We flew to Hawaii (with 2 kids!) when I was 3 mos about a year ago. The key is to stretch those legs and stay hydrated. A nice body pillow if you can manage it wouldn't hurt either! :) Don't forget to pack some Tums/etc, anything that helps ease pregnancy symptoms. Speak to the attendants as you board and nicely ask/warn them that you'll be walking around when it is safe. Most are very kind and accommodating, as Drs. encourage people in general (not just pregnant) to walk around a bit during long flights.

Good luck and haben ein gutten spiel! (LOL, my high school German teacher would NOT be proud!)



answers from Norfolk on

I fly to Germany around 6 months. Discomfort was the only issue. I got up frequently and was able to get a front row with a little extra leg room. Your dr may tell you otherwise, but if you are feeling OK. Do it while you can!



answers from Dallas on

Hi Chandra,

I did when I was 6 months pregnant, and I would advise telling the flight attendants when you board the plane that you are pregnant. They have to let you get up during the flight to stretch your legs (even when the seat belt sign is on) to prevent blood clots. I didn't say anything and got told to sit down while I was standing and then I mentioned that I was expecting and they became very nice. Hope this helps.



answers from Minneapolis on

I just got back from a flight to Spain at 32 weeks. The most important thing you can do is drink tons of water before and during the flight (I drank about 1/2 liter every half hour - not club soda or anything else with too much sodium). That way you're forced to get up and walk around (to the bathroom) every 30 minutes or so. The water can also help prevent and sometimes even stop early contractions (according to the flight attendant).
I avoided airplane fare and just brought fruit, nuts and cheese (to avoid sodium, etc.) If you can't get the extra leg-room or an upgrade, make sure you request an aisle. And wear comfy shoes that are about one size too big, just in case of swelling.
I also wore support stockings (maternity hose, not knee-highs), just to be on the safe side. If you can, bring an extra pillow/pregnancy pillow with you, so you can semi-sleep on your side. Also, make sure you are carrying virtually no carry-on (the added weight will add to discomfort) and take an extra day once you arrive to sleep/stretch, hydrate and relax.
I had a great time and would do it again, but every body is different - you just have to listen carefully to yours...



answers from Savannah on

Personally I wouldn't do it. I know with this pregnancy (my second pregnancy) that I'm so frickin uncomfortable being in my car for over 2 hours and it's been that way since about 25 weeks (
I'm 33 weeks now). I have really limited my travel because of this. And I can stop as often as I like and stretch my legs. A car is much more comfy than an airplane...even if you're travelling first class.

I imagine it wouldn't be comfortable and I don't think a lot of doctors suggest travelling that late in pregnancy for that long of a flight. I worry about the safety and the comfort (what if you go into early labor and you're over the ocean). Maybe you and your husband can take a nice local vacation just the two of you.



answers from Minneapolis on

I flew to Ireland when I was 6 1/2 months pregnant. Everything was fine except my feet swelled a lot. I could barely get my shoes on at the end of the flight even though I got up and walked aroud periodically. Make sure you bring lots of water with you. I didn't bring a lot and the flight attendants acted like I was being a big pest every time I asked for water.



answers from Madison on

I flew to China at 22 wks pregnant and flew back at 26 wks, and didn't have too much problems on the flight, but my pregnancy was pretty easy overall. I think the flight was 14 hrs or something. I learned to avoid orange juice because of the occasional heartburn, and to get up and walk around as much as possible. They had this silly airplane exercise video on sometimes, but actually I think it was a good idea - different stretches and stuff you can do while sitting to keep your blood flowing and body from stiffening up in the cramped small space. Every one's pregnancy is different so the challenges for you will probably be unique and whatever is uncomfortable for you in general around that time will probably be the specific factors to consider as you decide what to do to make yourself more comfortable on the flight.



answers from Minneapolis on

I took an international flight at 27 weeks. It's my first pregnancy and was totally fine during the flight.But starting third trimester I have been feeling tired and sleepy and have pains and discomforts while sitting for longer period of time. I was actually surprised how fine I felt at 27/28 weeks and things changed in just a week or two for M.. Now I just completed 30 weeks and wouldn't think of taking a long flight at this time as I am not very comfortable even sleeping on my bed all night these days. But this is just my experience.Only problem I had with the long flight was that my feet were swollen really bad after that for few days - maybe because of sitting for a long time.I did walk inside the airplane initially but after I slept I didn't force myself to wake up and take a walk.Just be careful and take your doctor's advise.Drink lots of water and take frequent walks.If everything else is fine with your health , I wouldn't worry much. And since this is your second pregnancy you would know better.

Another thing is we flew economy and we tried to request for bulk head seats so that I could get more leg room and would be easier for M. to move around.But those seats were not available at all for us as first preference is given to women flying with infants and not preggos.If you can get those seats or fly first class , it would be lot easier for you at 30 weeks.Just my 2 cents.



answers from Atlanta on

Although I did not take a transatlantic flight, I did fly coast to coast after 30 weeks. The hardest part was my legs would get cramps, so I had to keep getting up. I ended up standing in the back with the stewards for most of the trip. I'm not sure they would let you that anymore but it's worth asking.

Congrats on the new baby!

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