Comfort Issues: The First Years

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Best Breast Pump??

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there. I'm a first time mom; my little man is 9 weeks old. Despite my efforts, he never latched on and I was instructed to rent the Medela "Symphony" from the ho...


Visiting Girlfriend's Parents

S.P. asks from Minneapolis

Some background first: My daughter's father and I have been apart for 8 of our daughter's 8.5 years. He currently lives with his long-time girlfriend and her son. ...


Interested in Other's Experience Having a Baby When Youngest Is 5 Yrs Old

M.G. asks from Denver

My husband and I have always talked about having another child. Our first two children are 2.5 yrs apart and I think in an ideal world we would have kept on that pac...


Hubby Wants Motorcycle, I Don't Want Him to Have One.

D.D. asks from Phoenix

My husband took me on a motorcycle drive when we were dating several years back. We took a curve (what I thought was too sharp) and I freaked out. We almost wrecked a...


Would You Use This Type of Shop ?

D.G. asks from Dallas

Ok ladies - I have an idea for a business but I am just getting started and wanting to find out if this would even be feasible or not. Over 20 years ago I used to...



B.G. asks from Los Angeles

Alright... I am originally from southern California, born and raised. My husband is from Amsterdam, Holland. We met over her three years ago and were going back and f...



A.F. asks from Boston

Hi All- I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and I am looking for bottles to buy. I am planning on breastfeeding mostly but am hoping the baby will take a bottle as wel...


If You Have a Great Relationship with Your MIL....

L.T. asks from Houston

what do you think makes it great? I have an ok one with mine (some times better than others but what do you expect after 20+ years?). I am just thinking (WAY) ahead t...


When Will I Know It Is Time to Have a Baby?

A.D. asks from Los Angeles

I am getting married soon, on Oct 8 to be exact. My fiancee and I have and 11 year difference. I am 21 and he is 32. Neither one of us have any kids, but I know that,...


How Do You Know When Your Family's Complete?

C.L. asks from Fort Collins

I'm really struggling right now with trying to decide if I would like another child. I have one really wonderful 2 and 1/2 year old daughter, and both DH and I frequ...