Breast Pumps & Other 'Must Have' Baby Gift Registry Items

Updated on February 28, 2008
J.J. asks from Livermore, CA
9 answers

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant & beginning my baby registry.
I have 2 questions:
What breast pump would you recommend for a planning on breast feeding mother?

What 'must haves' would you say that you would have or did register for, for the baby shower?

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answers from San Francisco on

Yeah! so exciting!

I recommend a MEDELA breastpump, any style. If you are going back to work then a PUMP IN STYLE would work. I would definetly go with a MEDELA though.

There is sooooooo many items out there...most unecessary but useful none the less. Here is a cute website that has tons of info:

My personal must have item is a baby carrier. I used a sling in the beginning and then a bjorn and then i found the best: THE ERGO.

good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

First of all congratulations!! Girls are SO fun!!!

I have answered this question so many times for friends that I have a spreadsheet. The short list though...

Madela breast pump; very cool backpack design goes anywhere!
Sure comfort newborn to toddler tub
Burp clothes (I still use them when my kids get sick to wipe runny noses)
Breast milk freezer bags
The Ultimate Swaddling blanket
Diaper Champ diaper pail
2 Water proof mattress pad
Large Quilted milti-use pads
Stroller infant seat combo
Car Seat (our girls were both in the 90th % and were out of the infant car seats by 7 months. Britax
Baby monitor
Advet baby bottles
Diaper bag
High chair (do your research)
You’ll get all the necessary medical things from the hospital; except nail scissors
Crib sheets
Bouncer seat (would not have lived with out one!)
The Ultimate baby wrap…LOVE IT!!!
Baby Carrier
We have a two story home so a pack n play was such a help
Crib Aquarium

Okay I will quit there…at the hospital, ask for extra pacifiers and take home everything they give you, even the little tub thing you think you won’t need. Take your pump into the hospital with you when you deliver too.

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answers from Fresno on

The other moms' advice is fantastic; I wouldn't change a thing they said. Also I would like to add, really research the stroller. You will use it so much, you don't want to get the wrong one. A friend with 4 kids told me, strollers are like shoes. You need different ones for different purposes.

For our first child we bought one of those travel systems by Graco and HATED IT. It was big and bulky (try navigating through Baby Gap in something the size of an SUV, it was ridiculous!) and started making these ominous creaking noises after 6 months.

We also got a baby jogger, which we have used and used - now on child #2 and still going strong. (We have the Expedition by Baby Trend. If you actually run, instead of walk, you may want one of the ones especially designed for runners though.)

For child #2 I decided to invest in a better stroller and went whole hog with the Bugaboo Frog. Now, it cost more than my first car, but I've got to tell you, this thing has been incredible. It maneuvers easily and I bought a riding board for my 2 year old to ride on behind the stroller. It has attachments for the car seat, a bassinet, a toddler seat, rain cover, mosquito netting, you name it. Now Bugaboo came out with the Bee stroller, which I would buy if I were in the market. It's the same idea but it's an umbrella stroller with all those same cool attachments. My thought is, the smallest stroller you can get that has all the stuff you want - that's the one you should buy for daily use.

Keep in mind that although you could buy a ridiculously expensive stroller, you can also get them used on eBay for a lot cheaper! Maybe even borrow one from a friend who is done using hers. Most of all, borrow someone's baby and try out strollers for a while in the store before you buy. Especially important, take it out to your car and try holding the borrowed baby while folding the stroller and putting it into your car. You don't want to buy something that is a struggle to load into the car! =)

Good luck and have fun!

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answers from San Francisco on

You've already received some great recommendations.
One question, are you going back to work or staying home? If you are staying home, you really don't need an electric breast pump. I love my Avent Isis manual pump. It's comfortable and easy use as well as easy to clean. If you do plan on going back to work, you will need a good electric pump. Medela's Pump in Style is great.
Also, the boppy is great to have for baby to lay and sit up in, but for a first time nursing mom, you really will appreciate My Breast Friend. Horrible name, great product. It really helps with positioning baby as well as supports your back. While you and baby are learning to latch on, it's a life saver.
Don't register for clothes. It's the favorite shower gift and you will get more than you want/need.
You will need breast pads, and lots of them. My favorite is the lasinoh brand (comes in a purple box). I get them for every mom-to-be I know and have always gotten rave reviews.
If possible, borrow a swing until you know your baby likes one. If baby does, get one made by Fisher Price. They go two ways, front to back (classic swing style) or side to side (cradle style). Also, Fisher Price is the only company so far that is genius enough to make their swings with an optional ac adaptor. Trust me; it's a huge perk to be able to plug that sucker in.
Get the book The Happiest Baby on the Block, just in case :)
I love my sling from It's fleece and it's perfect.
A bouncy seat is wonderful but I wouldn't call it a must have. More like a probably should have.
You will appreciate a stroller that you can place your baby’s car seat in. Whether you go for the travel system or just get the frame that can't be used after baby outgrows the infant carrier is a personal preference. I've used both systems. Both have their merits as well as their draw backs.
Most important is that you maintain your sense of humor. It will help keep you sane. Congrats and good luck. Happy shopping!

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answers from San Francisco on

Medela worked best for me. I had another brand but got rid of it and only used the Medela. If you are delivering at John Muir don't bring your pump with you. Use the hospital grade one that they have there. I had them bring it in to me and they left it there the entire 3 days I was there. It's better to help you get the milk coming in. Plus, when you use the hospital one they give you some of the items and you get to keep them. It is so helpful to have a few extra items that are "free" so you don't have to wash if you are pumping in the middle of the night. I had lots of cloth diapers but we used them for burp cloths. They were so much better than the "burp cloths" and after the boys were older my husband uses them in the garage for, well, I don't really know but he wanted me to save them and not toss once the boys were done. Both of my boys were out of the infant seats at 3 and 4 months so register for the next size up, we love all of your Britax and it is one of the safest seats available also. Register for the little tummies for gas pains. You will use it and the gas drop came with nail clippers in the box also. Because of our boys sensitive tummies, we now have 10 clippers here, at both grandparents houses, travel bags, both bathrooms, I even have a set in my car just incase.



answers from San Francisco on

Congrats on the Baby Girl on the way...I prefer the elctric pump over a manual; but you might want to think about this if you are going back to work and still plan on nursing...
As for registry items...there are also a lot of things that you really don't need, but want because they are cute. When you register they should give you a guide that will tell you the basics, which sometimes can help. I myself tried to register for the basics of burp cloths, diapers (lots of them), wipes, bath products, bottles, blankets, stroller/carseat, swing, bouncer, etc. Hope this helps! Good luck:)



answers from San Francisco on

don't get those junky packs of receiving blankets. they are SO SMALL. we loved the ultimate receiving blanket, and others have sworn by the miracle blanket or swaddle me.

i'd skip what we call the diaper chump and diaper weenie. just dump diapers into a small waste basket and dump frequently. the refills are expensive and they don't contain the smell that well after a few months.

i have a medela pump in style and like it. i like the attachments for the ameda purely yours better. i think either medela or ameda will be good. it's easier to find accessories for the medela.

i would skip a thermometer, bulb aspirator, comb...those silly little kits for "health" or "grooming." we got a lot of that stuff for FREE at the hospital. most meds you'll get for your infant will come with dispensers. i would look carefully for scissors or nail clippers though.

i think you should register for the stuff you might not think you'd buy otherwise. for me, it was the decorative stuff. i knew we'd buy stuff like towels, clothes, diapers, etc. if we really needed them. i treated the registry more like a "wish list". they weren't necessarily expensive items...just stuff i might not have opted to buy on my own.



answers from Bakersfield on

Congratulations!! I had my baby girl five months ago, and you are going to absolutely love it!!

I have to agree with the other moms. I think that the Medela breast pump is the best way to go, too. They're kind of on the expensive side, but they're worth every dime!!

You've received excellent recommendations on what to register for. For the person throwing your baby shower to welcome that new bundle of yours, I would suggest that you have them state on the invitations that everyone that brings a package of diapers will be entered into a raffle for a gift. You would be surprised at how many people will respond to this, and you will be set up for the first few months with plenty of diapers. It works out great and cuts out one of the major expenses!! Good luck with your new little princess, and trust me - she will become the princess of the house!!



answers from San Francisco on

At home I use a Medela pump in style at work I use an Ameda hospital pump (a major advantage of working at a hospital.) For me the Ameda is more comfortable. They're hard to find in stores but you can get them online and they run a little less than their Medela counterpart. Also the personal Ameda pumps are the only ones the FDA has approved for second hand use because there's no way for milk to back up into the pump. So if your comfortable with second hand you can safely go that rout with the Ameda and just buy new hardware. It also means you'll have a better chance of selling it after you're done (if you want of course.)

Other must haves: Baby Einstein turtle crib toy, large square flannel blanket for swaddeling, bouncy chair and some sort of baby carrier that you wear (like a snugli - I got one as a gift from another mom and was stunned by how much I use it.)

Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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